Creating online christmas cards!

Hi all, I hope you’re doing well. This year hasn’t been the best the easiest, to say the least! Christmas is fast approaching I wanted to create a post about sending and creating your own Christmas cards. This year we’ve all spent so much time apart what’s better than a little Christmas cheer and festivities to bring us all together again maybe not in person but united in Christmas spirit and the hope 2021 will be a better year for us all. I imagine it may be rocky for a while but I do know everything will be better eventually.

The benefits of creating and digitally sending christmas cards

  • One of my main reason for sending a digital card. a vast majority of store-bought cards cannot be recycled due to the glitter which in the long term is not sustainable for the environment. Deforestation has some of the most disastrous effects on climate change.
  • Money-saving and time-saving no need for a stamp and if you’re having to isolate no need to leave your home or if you don’t have to one less trip out more time in the warm its so cold already hope we get snow this year.
  • The number of cards you can send is not as limited. Sending digitally allows you to send everyone there very own special card with a touch of a button and they can receive almost as quickly.
  • If you forget someone it easy to quickly send one over and not have to rely on the mail with is often very busy and often late this time of year due to higher demand.

Resources you can use for free or cheaply to help


Probably not the first thought you had when deciding to create a digital card but its the little details that make each card unique. You can really play with the aesthetics of your card the right font makes a big impact. There is a phenomenal website filled with <a href=”http://<a href=”; rel=”sponsored”>example linkFancy font many of which are free to use. Theres a vast selection to choose from. My personal favourite is Joyfully cute and playful (<a href=”http://<a href= rel=”sponsored”>example linkclick here to view) The fonts are also compatible with pc , mac and word which is ACE and makes the fonts very accessible.


Firstly don’t rip off anyone else’s work unless you have permission to use a photo or image don’t. Id suggests only using your own original imagery adding a festive picture you’ve taken or maybe even a photo yourself and the recipient reminding them of a fun time you’d shared together. Alternatively, you could draw one and scan it in a bit beyond my know-how tho. Using specially designed websites to create your cards will have free images available and there are databases of free images you can use too have a quick google i’m sure you’ll find what you need.I use Canva see below or the stock images on wordpress.

Free online design template websites

Canva easy to use and has all the templates you could possibly need.The ingenious step-by-step, easy to use editing software which is 100% online all you have to do is download and send to all your loved ones and friends. I was feeling extra festive so I made an automatic reply card to anybody who messages me or starts to follow me on social media. I just love christmas can you tell.

Christmas card for nanny made using canva.

There are so many options nowadays search around. There are so many resources available online that can easily be downloaded and sent. Word or slides could even be used if that’s what you’re comfortable with. You could use the fancy fonts I mentioned above. I’d recommend slides for emailing and if your going to print use word then you can fold the A4 paper or card you use.

How to make a card on Microsoft slides/ Word

  1. Open word /slide to a blank page or you can use a template if you’d like too just browse what they have but I prefer to start with a blank canvas.
  2. Add your unique image or photo. Afree stock photo you have permission to use is also a good option ( mine was from .
  3. Add your text and your warmest Christmas wishes. These can be personalised and edited so quickly and if your a creative like me you’ll enjoy having made that extra effort and putting extra love into each one.
  4. Download and save as a jpeg if done through google like me. / Save normally if you have Microsoft office if you have access to it.
  5. Send via email or messenger to your intended recipient.Its as easy as that and doesnt cost a penny but means alot to the recipient.
Christmas e-card made using microsoft slides.

I must admit before writing this post I wasn’t aware of how much free software id been using and was available. I’m so glad I finally wrote it all down to share with all of my creative readers to use not only for there festive creations. If you can make a Christmas card you could make a card for any occasions you want with ease you could even go as far as creating your own blank templates you just change the name on. personally I like to start fresh for each project. I really hope this post as been helpful Thanks for reading… And almost I’m almost ready for the Merry Christmas ending hehe

Jade x


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