Christmas saving tips

Hi all I hope your keeping well I’m on the verge of a breakdown as usual. The cost of living is crazy inflation energy you name it meltdown invoking someone may or may not have cried at their food shopping bill to still need to top up which in my whole life we have never struggled like this it’s something else. We tend to keep our woelrried to ourselfs and never ask for help … stupid and very stressful all the time where As you Can tell I’ve not been posting as much as I used too about money saving and my hobbies because I’ve not really been motivated at all and I suppose it’s feel like a phoney because We’re struggling. Today I decided to write a post because times are hard and there probably are some tips we’ve always lived by this year I’m going to have a good Christmas without debt (hopefully) and still enjoy the festive season best I can given the circumstances. I’m choosing to be happy and possibly abit of a grinch.

1. Sorry adults … This year we’re only buying for our children. Sad because we love to gift the people we love but it is what it is … we may make fudge and gift that I’ll share a recipe on Instagram my budget friend fudge if works out. This will also stop others feeling the need to purchase us gift in return not that I’d expect anyway:

2. If you can’t afford it just don’t get it. Set yourself a budget and stick too it for the sake of your sanity don’t worry about elf on the shelf , the post Christmas trips it’s not the be all and end all Chris, Christmas will still be as festive and fun without a 5 pound festive latte and 50 quid visit to Santa for a teddy bear you could buy from the pound-shop. Maybe I’m a tight a**e but we’re all feeling the cost of living pinch right now. Did anyone else see the Christmas fair 50 pound mix up news article that’s enough to buy the festive lunch for 8.

3. Be selfish take care of you and your mental health . Christmas is the most joyous time of the year but can be so sad too people you’ve lost and miss dearly , family rifts that can never be mended for your own sake and if you don’t want to go out or do anything special this Christmas for choice of your own don’t and don’t feel guilty it’s ok to say no and do your own thing. Set b

4. Shop your shelves before the Christmas food shop this one I’ve shared before but I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve done my food shopping today and defiantly cut a chunk off the bill by checking what I already have and meal planning. This will always save you money and cut back on food waste too don’t feed the bin.

5. Remember what Christmas is really about it’s not about the gifts the food or how much you have it’s about the wonderful people family you have to spend it with and make precious memories the kids won’t care if they have cheese sandwiches for dinner or if they only have a few toys. If your children are young you could wrap things they’ve forgotten at the bottom of the toy box :p or if your baby Rosie trout getting the toys Emily and Harrison started with hoarding done right haha.

I really do you you have a very merry Christmas and you can enjoy it with people who you love and can make or remember precious memories with. It’s not all doom and gloom and to who needs to hear it your doing amazing and everything will be ok if not yet but eventually everything will get better Jade x

Ps I needed to hear it myself!!

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