Mum’s back-to-school tips and mac and cheese treat

Hi, all I hope you are well it’s been a long break, loved the kids being home but I won’t lie it’s been tough at times especially when Emily and Harrison decide to be arguing little wrestlers lol.

Prepare with a planner

I love a planner everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when. Unless you’re like me and take your son to reception 2 days too early because you’ve lost the paper walk of shame lmao. No harm done and as a practice run goes we did great up, fed and dressed and ready and got to school as the bell went now that’s a win haha. My tip here would be to write down all the school calendar events, inset days and parents’ evenings as and when you find out about them then you won’t be the wally doing the walk of mum shame lol.


If like me you thrive on order having a set time for tasks/ chores or even day-to-day life. We’ve found when we all know what time something is expected you won’t get the nagging and the annoyance of answering the same question time and time again we have a little whiteboard I like to write our dinner menu on a too most asked question I’ve grown up to find out adulting is all about food when, where and how much we’re eating lol. see below for a midweek meal favourite. I also recommend washing the school clothes and packing ready for Monday on Friday to give yourself a head, even during the school holidays.

Homework and extras

Sunday Funday is what I call it in my house if we get our reading and homework done. I like to use positive reinforcement to encourage the children to complete their work. I also like to encourage their hobbies Emily has just joined eco club this term last year chess club.She’s a bright girl, not bias lol.

Mac and cheese recipe (vegan friendly)

for the sauce

  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp All Purpose Flour
  • 480ml non-dairy milk
  • 500g of pasta ideally macaroni but penne would work if on budget.
  • 200g of vegan cheese

Step 1: Boil your pasta to packet instructions

step 2: In a separate pan add your oil let it warm up and add the flour stirring continuously

step 3: slowly add your milk of choice stirring continuously still

Step 4: Add the cheese I choose vegan cheese The mature violife cheddar wasn’t disappointing but a delcious alternatibe. once melted and bubbling your ready for the last step.

step 5: When the pasta is boiled drain and place back in the pan add the sauce and serve ith garlic bread.

For more vegan recipes follow the link. My recipe adaption could easily be adapted with the milk or chee of choice for a really quick and filling meal on a busy night. Thank you so much for reading let me know your back to school tips and tricks below and have the best week Jade x

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