Back to school 2022

Wow, what a week for the family. Back to school Emily into year 4 and Harrison into reception. Emily smashed her first week 2 certificates and she loves her new teacher which is great, as for Harrison well let’s just say someone may or may not have taken him to school Monday when reception didn’t start until Wednesday….. not too awkward his teacher and I laughed but she did comment how smart he looked he was beaming with pride but oozing disappointment his teacher gave him a little sticky note of start date and times he seemed as happy as I was settling is now complete and Monday he’s full time and he can’t wait he’s so ready he’s desperate to read and be as smart as his sister I look forward to doing his homework with him and connecting even more through education I’m not the best at playing but with homework, I’m very good.

We tend to use free online resources get that nogging jogging as Liam would say there is a great selection of maths games available online at Over the summer we choose to have a laid-back attitude with education as it really is the only headspace the children get during the year.

We’ve also thrived having our routine back and we’re all so much happier even Rosie who’s teething all the sleep again. How did everyone’s first week back to school go and can anyone point me in the direction of a good reading app to help Harrison 🙂 we’ve got maths covered. thanks for reading jade x

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