Renovate Your Home Without The Stress: Step-by-Step Guide

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No matter how much effort you put into cleaning and maintaining your home, there comes a point where you may want a few changes. Particular rooms could look dull or boring, and the garden could be a little run down. Your family could simply be expanding, and you may need the extra space.

Home renovations and improvements could be in order. These can be a stressful proposition, but they don’t need to be. Once you know how to renovate your home without the stress, the process becomes much simpler.

Following a few particular steps could be all you need, with five particular home renovation steps being notable.

Why Renovate Your Home?

Before diving into the process itself, it’s worth looking at the benefits home renovations offer. There could be more of these than you’re aware of, with some of the more notable including:

  • Increase Your Property Value – The better your home looks and functions, the more valuable it is. Since that’s specifically what home renovations focus on, they have a direct impact on your property value. If you ever sell up, you’ll get more for your home because of these renovations.
  • Increase Space – Maybe one of the more obvious benefits renovations offer, the extra space can be quite attractive. It lets you do more in your property while having some extra breathing room.
  • Improve Functionality – Home renovations let you customise your house to your needs, making it much more functional. You’ll end up enjoying your home more and feeling more comfortable in it. That’s especially true when you consider the extra space you’ll have to play with.

With the benefits home renovations offer, it’s easy to see why so many people have taken advantage of them. They can be stressful and difficult to achieve if you don’t understand how to navigate through the process.

Figuring out how to renovate your home without the stress doesn’t need to be difficult. Following a few particular steps can make sure it’s relatively easy and straightforward.

How To Renovate Your Home Without The Stress: 5 Steps To Take

1. Figure Out The Finances

Home renovations aren’t exactly the smallest cost you’ll ever come across. You’ll need to make sure you can afford them before you start, which means spending some time figuring out the finances. This can be one of the more stressful parts of the process.

It doesn’t need to be, however. If you already have the money to renovate your home, then you’re already set. If you don’t, however, you still don’t need to stress too much. Instead, you’ll need to spend some time planning things out.

There are more than a few easy loans you could get to help you cover the costs. Should you go this route, it’s best to compare options beforehand to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

If you can afford to pay for everything yourself, then that’s worth doing instead. You should see taking out a loan as a last resort, as it’ll make your home renovations more expensive.

2. Determine The Scope

Determining the scope of the project often goes hand-in-hand with figuring out your budget. The larger the scope, the more you’ll need to spend on it. You’ll need to keep this in mind when you’re planning things out.

If you’re simply changing the light fixtures and faucets in the bathroom, for example, it’ll be quite affordable. A complete bathroom overhaul, on the other hand, will cost much more. Figuring this out is integral to planning out your home renovations and your budget.

Cost isn’t the only thing the scope of your home renovation affects. It’ll also affect the timeline, with larger ones naturally taking much longer than more minor home renovations. Figure this out as soon as you can before you start planning out everything else.

Once you do, other factors should start falling into place.

3. Apply For Permits

Depending on how large the work involved in your project is – and specifically where you live – you could need to apply for permits before you can start your home renovations. These are needed to make sure the work is done properly and that it isn’t a threat to you or your neighbours.

Most of this focuses on the structural, electrical, plumbing, and similar work, which is why these are best left to the professionals. Thankfully, these permits are quite easy to obtain, provided the work passes all of the requirements. Many areas even let you apply for these online, so it should only take a few minutes.

Quite a few contractors will even take care of this process for you, but you may need to speak with them about this. Make sure you have the permit in hand before you start. You could need to have an inspection done once your home renovations are completed. These make sure the work was carried out as it should have.

4. Choose Your Contractor

You’ll need to hire a contractor to carry out most of the work you need done. Picking the first one you find is far from recommended, however. If you go that route, you mightn’t know whether or not you’re picking the right person for your project.

Spending a bit of time comparing options is recommended, as it provides multiple benefits. The most notable is knowing you’ll put your home renovations in good hands. At the same time, you could get a better price for the work being done. Don’t focus solely on the price aspect, however. Sometimes, it’s better to go with a costlier option, if they provide better work.

It’s also worth knowing what you can and can’t DIY. The likes of minor demolition work and basic home improvements can be relatively easy to do. Anything beyond this, you may need to go straight to a professional. That’s especially true of electrical and plumbing work.

If you can strike the right balance between DIYing and hiring a professional, you could save a significant amount of money. Keep in mind that, if you’re DIYing it, you’ll need to sort out the materials yourself, too.

While that takes some time and effort, it shouldn’t be too complicated. You could even speak to your contractor about which specific materials you should pick up.

5. Get To Renovating

Now that you’ve each of the above covered and done, it’s time to get started. If you’ve hired contractors, then you’ll need to step aside and let them do their jobs. They’re experienced hands and likely know much more about the process than you do, so avoid micromanaging.

There’s a reason why you hired them, so you’ll need to trust them. While not everything they do may seem logical to the untrained eye, it’s a process they need to do. Staying out of their ways makes sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

You should also avoid making any last-minute changes. These cause delays and a lot of frustration. By the time you start renovating your home, all of the decisions you’ve made should be placed in stone.

By questioning things and making last-minute changes, you’ll add more time and possibly even money onto the project. Make sure you avoid this.

Top Home Renovations To Consider

As helpful as knowing how to renovate your home without the stress is, you’ll need to figure out which renovations you actually want to do. These can be obvious for quite a few people, but it mightn’t be for others.

You might have quite a few things in mind and not know where to start. Quite a few things can be recommended, with bathroom and kitchen renovations often being seen as the best recommended. These are rooms you’ll use quite often, with the kitchen being the heart of the home.

They’ll also take a decent bit of work, making them worth getting out of the way quickly. Since you’ll see each of the benefits mentioned above with these, there’s no reason not to consider them.

Outside of these are a few other home renovations you might want to consider, including:

  • Siding replacements
  • Upgrading garage doors
  • Extensions
  • Patio installations
  • Basement or attic remodels

With the benefits that home renovations offer, it’s understandable why so many people are taking advantage of them. Following the above steps and focusing on a few particular areas could be more than enough to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible.

While you’ll still need to put in some time and effort, it’ll be more than worth it.

How To Renovate Your Home Without The Stress: Wrapping Up

With the range of benefits home renovations offer, it’s easy to see why more and more people are getting them done. They often seem like some of the more stressful things you can do with your home, however.

You don’t want to deal with that. Once you know how to renovate your home without the stress, it becomes much easier. Each of the above steps helps make sure that’s the case.

With a bit of time and effort, you shouldn’t have a problem renovating your home.


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