How to be frugal in 2022

Hi, all hope you are well is it just me or has the financial outgoings gone crazy this year? We budget meal plans and so much more to stay afloat for the gas and electricity to literally cripple us anything we had tried to save for the summer fund was wiped out in a single bill with less usage.

Easy shopping swaps hack many supermarkets have value brand which is just as good as the big ones, With a much smaller price tag. Asda has recently brought out their just essentials range which we have tried and thoroughly enjoyed. Shop around and see what works for you and always check your cupboards and make a meal plan of what you already have first this will keep costs down if you are really lucky you might hit the reduced section jackpot.

Days out are few and far between with a mere trip to a local zoo or aquarium costing at least 60 for a family of 4 not including lunch or parking/ travel is outrageous. I’ve also noticed that everything seems to go up further during the school holidays which is an even bigger kick in the teeth. I previously wrote a post that may help other families struggling with things to do for free / cheaply also look out for local events you never know what you might come across. Everbite is a great place to look also for adults and don’t forget to check the local paper or Facebook pages and public halls I recently came across a sewing group and dungeons and dragon one how fun.

Paying bills is definitely getting more difficult with many of us opting to take short-term loans it is vital that we choose a provider that isn’t going to rip us off personal loan is a great option. Click here to find out more. I know it can be tough but it will be ok worst cast just pay the most important bills first and pay what you can on others for example we pay the car insurance in full but pay monthly for the road task to cut down the expenditure I know we still pay the same but it makes sense to us.

Finally, check your direct debits do you really need all those subscriptions, do you use really need to go to the gym or would a run/home workout work just as well there are a load of online spaces where you can share and learn more about fitness as well as nutrition and maybe even make some friends along the way I think over the next few years a lot of us will be spending more time at home. we don’t need to be bored from cooking, sewing and sports you can learn so much and you don’t even need to spend more than your broadband bill.

Hopefully, with a proper budget and some savvy cuts, you can feel a little more in control of the situation and the will be no nasty surprises fingers crossed that the cost of living doesn’t rise anymore thanks for reading jade x

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