Get Together Ideas For Spring With Your Family

As our country slowly starts to reopen its doors for get-togethers with neighbours, family, and friends, there are some other ideas to help you enjoy the warm weather. Whether you are hosting an outdoor event for a small group of friends, there are plenty of ways to bring the family together that are also simple to do. It can be very easy to go overboard with epic ideas that can blow everyone’s budget. Entertaining is expensive and hosting a family get together is no small task. After all, get together’s are about creating memorable experiences, rather than giving gifts or spending money. It’s about bringing everyone together and enjoying each other’s company while making these memories. 

Below are a few ideas to create some relaxing family get together moments. 

  1. Think of A Fun Theme- Your party theme will set the tone for the entire get together. There are so many exciting ideas and some of the family-friendly ideas include a fun sports theme such as tailgating with bags toss, listening to baseball on the radio, and encouraging guests to wear their favourite sports team.  You could also have a pool party that can include filling up your outdoor pool or a fun fill-up kiddie pool. Encourage everyone to participate in water fights, Marco polo games, or water balloons. Some fun treats such as fruit and fish can be a fun way to bring cool water to you and your guests.
  2. Activities – If you’re just enjoying a relaxing time with neighbours you want to make sure you have some activities as well for them to participate in if they want. Have some summer tunes going such as pop, oldies, or country. Think of an era that everyone can enjoy. Music is gree so it’ll really make your get together a fun little party. You can even ask what everyone want’s to listen to and give them DJ requests. Having a few two or three games or challenges are enough to keep everyone entertained without feeling forced everyone into an activity. If your family is super sporty, ask your guests to bring their favorite sports equipment. A badminton set or a bocce ball game can really add to the fun. If your neighbors or friends try to so simple games like ‘bop it’ or a card game or Uno. For kids, you can have them enjoy making a picture frame from the dollar store or making fun paper craft that matches the theme of the party you’re putting on.

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

  1. Create The Perfect Spot – If you’ve been wanting to update your backyard with your guests, one way to do that is by creating a comfortable seating area for your guests to enjoy. Having a quality deck is essential. If you live in the Atlanta area, a quality business to call is Brazilian Wood Depot. They offer you some of the hardest wood in the nation including a popular favorite, Ipe. Horizontal ipe fencing is a versatile hardwood. Its durability makes it a choice for homeowners. It’s strength and low maintenance also makes it a popular option for residential decking. Ipe is known to last from 25-75 years, depending on the type of environmental conditions. When you consider the cost of replacing pressure-treated or composite boards through the life of just one installation of ipe. This is a great idea for those who are excited to make it a place their family will love.
  2. Plan A Scanager Hunt – No we aren’t talking about a small little hunt but a fun adventure for everyone! Get a few fun objects and hide them in places around your backyard or even neighborhood. Create teams and clues and send each team on its way. The first team to come back with all of the hidden objects wins a prize. This is a fun activity as an alternative to the ever-popular movie or TV night with friends. 
  3. Food – You want to be able to enjoy your get together with everyone so have fun prepared ahead of time. Think of simple things your guests will enjoy and also give you time to socialize instead of being stuck in the kitchen the entire time. Some simple food ideas can be kabobs filled with chicken or fruit for people to grab, pizza bites made from bagels and pizza sauce as well as simple sandwich bars for guests to make their own plate. 

With warm weather finally here, this might be the time we all need to start so slowly socialize with everyone again. Take your time and invite only a few people over. Go with the flow on what occurs or have somewhat of a schedule for setting up food, games, and conversation times for everyone. What are some fun ideas you can enjoy with those you want to see most? 


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