How To Help A Dog With Joint Issues

Pexels – CC0 License

Despite the title of this post, we’re certain that helping your own dog with joint issues is more than enough. While it may be totally charitable and selfless to do, no one expects you to move from place to place helping pooches with joint problems unless you’re a qualified vet. That said, it can be difficult to see your once-enthusiastic dog take more time to move, to seemingly suffer from a little pain here and there, and to have trouble with sleeping comfortably..

If you’ve noticed this, and have a full diagnosis from a vet, then it’s worth following the advice they give to you before you implement anything in this post, However, if you’ve already done that and have the blessing of your qualified expert, then it may be worth considering what alternative arrangements exist. There’s some discussion that increasingly-popular provisions like CBD can help here, but in order to keep things fully science-based and relevant, let’s consider the following pieces of advice first:

Lock Off The Staircases

It’s good to lock off the staircases properly so that even an enthusiastic dog can’t follow you up and down. Unfortunately, we can’t explain the ins and outs of a medical condition to your dog, what they feel is what they know. This means that they may sometimes feel okay to jump around and climb even if this could cause further damage, or remove stitches from medical work performed. For this reason, gates that lock off both access ways can be an important middle ground.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Orthopaedic dog beds can make a major difference. When looking for orthopaedic dog beds for sale, make sure to get the right size. These are designed to be as comfortable and supportive as possible so that even dogs with joint issues can have a good, long night’s sleep, and their body can do the work it needs to help heal over time. Not only will this help them stop feeling restless and tired, but it will give you the much-needed peace that may otherwise have left the moment your dog, understandably, began complaining about his or her pain. 


Some supplements have been proven to help. For instance, omega 3 from fish oil can be naturally integrated into their diets and help soothe joint issues just a little. In some cases, anti-inflammatory medication can also make a big difference. It’s important to make sure you plan with the vet responsible for you dog exactly what kind of dosages and combinations you can give them, as well as knowing what the side effects of any medications might be. While your dog may never be completely free of their joint issues, you can certainly help improve their quality of life to an amazing degree. After all, that’s what really matters.

With this advice, you’re certain to help your dog with joint issues in the best possible light. We’re certain that you’ll do the right thing for them. You may not realize just how effective this can be.


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