4 Beauty products you can find in your own kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to save some money or move away from processed ingredients, you’ll find that your new favourite skincare product is in quite an unexpected place: your kitchen. There are many ingredients you probably already have that you can experiment with before you spend too much at your local skincare shop. Chances are these pantry-sourced beauty hacks will end up being much cheaper. 

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4 Products You Already Have In Your Kitchen That Are Also Great For Your Skin:

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is a natural cleanser and skin brightener. Cucumber can be used as an astringent lotion to clean the skin and is a lovely summer soother. Grate your cucumber and massage it on your skin if you want to fade your freckles, smooth out your wrinkles, bleach your skin or even soften your hands. Mixing lemon juice, grated cucumber and two teaspoons of Fuller’s earth can smoothen your skin and work as an anti-tan pack. Cut and refrigerated cucumber slices are fantastic eye soothers and can be laid on the eyes after a long day of staring at a screen or driving.

  1. Almonds

Almonds have an exceptionally high content of vitamin E. Their externally and internally usage shows highly effective results. Almond powder mixed with oatmeal and milk can be used as a face mask and exfoliator to nourish dehydrated skin. Make a fine paste of almonds and mix them with grated raw potato. Then apply it as an eye mask; this will help cure dark circles. Almond oil and warm mild can also help nutrify the body internally.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a classic pantry ingredient known for its benefits in our diets, but it turns out it is just as beneficial for our skin. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and has been linked to improved skin hydration, relief from sun damage and anti-ageing effects. This ingredient is praised so strongly that even if you don’t have it in your kitchen, you can buy olive oil online. Olive oil can be used independently or as part of DIY skin care products such as facial cleansers or lotions. 

  1. Coffee Grounds

If you rely on coffee for a boost of energy throughout the day, you should consider incorporating it into your weekly skincare routine. The texture of ground coffee is perfect for removing dead skin, and the caffeine itself stimulates fat degradation, which helps with the appearance of cellulite. Mix a handful of coffee grounds with about a tablespoon of coconut oil for a body scrub that will leave you moisturised and smelling like your favourite drink. 


Remember to chat with your dermatologist to ensure you don’t have specific skin issues or sensitive skin before trying DIY skincare. 

In Closing

For centuries, it was understood that specific foods had the power to nourish our skin not just from the inside but when applied externally. Japanese geishas used rice water as cleansers, Cleopatra would bathe in milk, and Roman emperors smeared themselves with olive oil. To care for your skin the way your ancestors did, try out these affordable natural skincare options!

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