Tips for creating a timeless decor in your kid’s bedroom

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Keep It Minimal

When it comes to timeless decor, try to keep the kid’s bedroom minimal where you can because that will help simplify the look of the space. The less clutter you have, the better the room will look and feel too. Try to arrange the room so it fits the space and if something feels out of place, try finding a new area where it works better. The more minimalistic, the better so that they can have more space to have fun but to also play with their toys too.

If there is a lot of furniture in the bedroom and you can’t easily rearrange where each item goes, it’s worth looking at which things are unnecessary.

Did you know you can donate to local charity organisations any unwanted furniture instead of taking them down to your local tip?

If your unwanted furniture is still in good condition, a local charity can arrange to collect it and sell it in their retail shop. You’ll be clearing space in the bedroom and helping a worthy cause at the same time!

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