Moving during a pandemic

Hi all, I hope you are well thought finally gotten around to sharing my tips for moving . As many of you will know my move was the most rushed thing ever after months of bidding, years of fighting with the council. We finally got a move which was one phone call met at 12am Wednesday, 7 am Thursday morning I’ve got movers at my door barely had time to even think but that couldn’t stop up we were all packed and moved into our new place by lunchtime. I am very grateful for our new home but my god the stress and the speed was something I now think was a good thing as we had to get moving but at the same time, there are many things if like to have changed. I wish id of known sooner, so I could have packed and prepared sooner. A good declutter and most of all I would have said goodbye to my neighbours properly because even tho things weren’t always as they seemed to some extent the friendships kept us all going through the pandemic, how they ended was abrupt and sad erasing seven years overnight. All because they thought I had some magic formula for moving when I didn’t, I was asked by multiple people what lies id told. The truth is none the samp and mould was coming up through the floor all I did was kept fighting the council to their job it took literally years countless patronising surveyors and a specialist who drilled the floor to find the damp membrane was the cause of the problem and not us. It’s sad because really nobody did anything wrong some people got salty probably because the lack of social housing and built-up areas means you are basically stuck in a home that is either overcrowded, damp and in disrepair and the cost of private renting on a low income is a no go . Then you get the rich people spouting off about giving up Netflix and coffee to pay for a mortgage deposit I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life, one newspaper quoted a banker who said it was not hard to buy a house his was only 30,000 in the 80s well it’s 2022 and that is a mere fraction of what they cost now sunshine the social divide is ridiculous and people who have money will never understand the struggles of people that don’t but that’s a whole other blog post.

Now that was a bit of a ramble but I do have some practical advice if you are looking to move. I feel as the covid pandemic is still going but has calmed down to an extent I won’t go into something I don’t fully understand I’m not an idiot. I’ve a few ideas below that could benefit you if moving is something you’re looking to do. I know with the cost of living rising dramatically it might seem too far away for you but there are little steps you could take to help you on your way if needed.

My 2022 tips for moving

  1. Know your options weather your looking at socail housing , private renting or your wanting to buy there are alot of tools avalible to help you on your way. There is a brillaint website which i came across that can help you find the right morgage for you simply add all the details (here) and it will let you know whats avalible and what repayments your likely to have to make. In turn helping you to come up with a realisitc budget you could stick too and eventually be able to be a homeowner.

2. Reality. be realistic in what you want and what you can afford debt isn’t the way you want to start your new home journey. yes it would be nice to move into a freshly decorated and furnished home but carpets alone are upwards of 600 per room (yes i nearly fainted im cheap after all) Our apporache is chipping away bit by bit room by room and we will get there and so will you.

3. Declutter oh my god my the amount of crap we’ve had to take to the tip not only damaged but because of the hast we moved just didn’t have the time to go through it all. Recycle what you can, donate all unloved toys, books and games to charity shops and even just passing along to local organisations is a positive way to lighten your load.

Those are my top three tips what would be your biggest tip for moving and did you move during the pandemic was it just me or is life crazier than ever. Thanks for reading Jade x

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