5 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

In the UK, baby showers are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, a predominantly American trend, celebrating the imminent arrival of a new baby, has long been observed and for a good reason.

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Spoiling parents to be is a lovely way to make this event a little more special and help offer support when needed.

If you are new to planning a baby shower in the UK, what exactly do you need to know?

Who Plans A Baby Shower

Traditionally, it was frowned upon for mum or family members to plan a baby shower; however, anything goes these days. But typically, baby showers are planned by close family members or friends. But in any case, always check with others to make sure you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes before you go ahead and make plans.

Plan the Date

Baby’s due date can be a bit of a surprise even if you think you have everything planned. While any time during a pregnancy is good for planning a baby shower, many people leave it until the last few weeks of the pregnancy. However, don’t leave it too late in case the baby arrives earlier than planned.

Choose  a Location

Depending on the health and lifestyle of mum to be, choosing a location can be tricky. Usually, baby showers are held in a smaller, more intimate setting such as at home or a family member’s house to avoid extra pressure on making out and about, especially if there are health implications. Consult with your pregnant loved one and see what they would prefer and how big you can reasonably go without it too much.

Arrange A Gift Registry

Naturally, people want it to show their support by buying a gift for expectant parents. Having a list of required or requested items may feel cheeky, especially for Brits, but this can avoid people spending money on the multiple identical items that will need to be returned. When I was a first-time mother, I found the generous gifts my friends and loved ones provided us with were such a godsend. We were very lucky I must admit! From strollers to a sling, and even a car seat! Plus, let’s not forget the most adorable clothes.

Alternatively, you can ask attendees to put in for a more significant gift such as nursery furniture, Baby Boy Hampers, pram or other oversized ticket items. This can be a great idea for twins, or a multiple births is on the cards, meaning they need more than one or a lot of baby equipment.

What Do You Do At A Baby Shower?

At a minimum, you need to provide food and drinks. Food can be a simple party food spread or a more elaborate one based on your chosen theme.

Baby showers are usually over in a few hours, but the mother-to-be will cherish the moment forever. Ask if she wants to play any baby shower games. Keep in mind how long the baby shower is on and how many people attend when planning games. Prepare supplies and awards for the victors.

Not sure what to play? Check out these fun baby shower games. Start with some icebreakers like Who’s That Baby? Ask everyone to bring a newborn photo to exhibit and play a game of who’s who. Play baby bingo or quiz your guests on baby animal names.

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