5 Easy Ways To Spend more time in the garden

For those that have a garden space and feel that they do not utilize it enough, you might be looking for ways to entice you outside more. If so, you have come to the right place as this post will cover the best ways to encourage you to spend more time in the garden. 

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

Grow your own produce

Growing your own produce is an effective way to willingly spend more time in the garden.  You can pick up a new hobby, enjoy your outside space more, and get something back from it. 

You could spend time planting flowers or fruits and vegetables. Whichever natural seed you choose, it will need care and maintenance, which means you have to spend more time outside to care for them. 

Buying seeds for vegetables you have never heard of ICE Cannabis Seeds are ideal for those looking to experiment in the garden.

Group exercise

Should you and your children need an excuse to exercise, the garden is the perfect place for it. It is a great way to make exercise more fun for kids while also allowing you to get movement into your day. 

You can all exercise together, use the space more, and improve your physical fitness. You could create obstacle courses or have a winddown yoga session. 

Nature painting

Whether or not you enjoy painting, getting outside and being creative behind closed doors is the best way to experiment and unleash your inner creativity

You could sit on the bench and paint your garden. Or, you could get up close and personal with your newly planted produce and paint their growth cycle.

Change your reading location

If you are a reader, of books, newspapers, or comics, you could change your reading location and head outside instead of laying on your bed. 

Reading outside can be as comfortable as you make it. You could add a reading chair, blankets, and cushions so that you are encouraged to stay out there as long as possible. 

On that note, you can take any of your favourite hobbies outside so that you can still enjoy them while enjoying time in your garden.

Have a gathering

You might not enjoy hosting social events in your home because of a lack of space or not wanting people to invade your privacy. If so, you could start to host people outside in your garden. This means you can still socialize with your friends at home, but use your garden as the social space.

Adding seats and a kitchen unit means that you can host dinner parties or have snacks around the table to be a great host and optimize the use of the garden. So long as your garden is convenient and comfortable, it will encourage you and your guests to spend as long in your garden as possible.

Using your garden as much as possible will help you get more out of your home and encourage you to spend time appreciating nature more. Simply adding a reading chair can entice you outside as opposed to sitting inside all of the time. 

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