Learning how to leave , By Michael Padraig Action.

Hi all, hope you are well it’s another book review from me. Ive really been enjoying losing myself in a book ive been finding it a lot easier to wind down at night too which is a bonus. I was kindly sent a pr copy of “Learning how to leave A practical guide to stepping away from narcissistic & toxic relationships -By Michael Padraig Acton”. A wonderful read I must admit. Thankfully I can safely say I currently have no relationships like this anymore. Many years ago when my first child was born I cut ties with the toxic people who had been present in my life and to this day I still have no contact as I finally did what was best for me. Don’t get me wrong im far from perfect but I knew these people couldn’t be in my children’s life. Sometimes when im feeling isolated and alone I feel so tempted to pick up the phone and fix what is broken even after all these years. Deep down I know nothing would have changed, id be back where I was then broken and felt like it was all my fault. To this day I have my issues never feel im good enough but this book has taught me it was never me I wasn’t the problem. I just hope one day I can fully let it go and move on feeling somewhat normal if that’s even possible these days.

About the book

This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who needs to leave whether family, a partner or even a friend. “Learning how to leave” is the helping hand I wish would have had all those years ago. The book not only explains the characteristics of narcissistic, toxic beings but also opens your eyes and help bring clarity. Sometimes you could miss all the signs or be so manipulated the situation feels normal. “Learning how to leave” is so eye-opening I obviously cut ties but now when I think back to situations I was personally in I see exactly what was being done absolutely vile, yet when I was living it I felt it was what I deserved and I had caused it to thanks the book I’m determined to heal properly not just shove the feelings in a box which more often than not seeps out like darkness provoking my already unbearable anxiety. which is probably caused by past trauma. A narcissist or toxic individual want to isolate you and control you I feel with the help of this book you could free yourself from their grasps and be your best you. I honestly cannot recommend it enough ive learn so much and I know others would benefit so much from the comprehensive knowledge within the pages giving the power back to the reader.

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Well i hope if anyone is in a situation that makes you any less than happy , do whats best for you its not your fault and you are not to blame for other peoples behaviour. Head over to my intagram post to find out more.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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