Positive summer starter kit 2021

Hi all , happy half term everyone and what a lovely weather we’ve had well apart from today muggy and rainy blahhhh. This past year and a half has been very trying to say the least looking forward to anything or even being positive has been difficult. The ever-changing end date, restrictions and the loss of togetherness. literally caused me to return to my anxious self-loathing ways. It got me thinking how lucky I was to have found somebody so understanding and non-judgemental I often wonder how someone could even like me. As you can probably tell I have low self-esteem and not much self-worth but I really am working on it with the help of self-care and a positive mental attitude. I’ll be completely honest it is hard at times and im known to be a negative Catastrophizing woman. I hate when I get like it but sometimes it a very hard process to claw back to being your positive self.

Positive for a happier healthier you

1-Drink more water keep hydrated an obvious one but if your like me and loves a coffee you might neglect simple water. Im slowly realising im using coffee as a substitue for energy and i crash hard . water for the win feeling great and my spots are finaly going.

2- Stop being so negative easier said than done I know but if you go to bed with a positive mental attitude, maybe even writing down in a notebook some affirmations or even writing down the negative and turning into a positive I’ve started doing this and I think after a while might finally stick hehe. I have found I’m finding it easier to get to sleep I’ve a very busy brain so this one is defiantly one of my top tips for people who have problems sleeping.

3- This one is something quiet obvious but i thought was a myth or maybe i am lazy and addicted to eating my feelings. Healthy diet and exerzise really does make a difference , yes to get started can be tough but i actually crave healthier food and exersize releases so many endorphines better than my usual chocolate fix. Ive also notice positive change in the way i feel about myself and on the inside too.

4- Make it a ritual to practise self-care every day whether it be a hot bath, skincare routine or even just painting your nails give yourself a little bit of love it could be anything that makes you feel good.

5- Be you dont focus so much on everyone else , dont let people pull you down. Any toxic people cut them out and dont let anyone make you feel bad about being yourself. YOU are amazing and we all need to lift each and celebrate being unique you dont need to fit a mold just be yourself it best form of selfcare.

My Self-care kit

All that aside I really feel self-care is really important to love yourself and have positive habits that help us move forward in life and In love. When it comes to love I feel everyone in the world has their match and no matter what , you’ll find them. Granted that has probably been a bit difficult as of late. Thankfully it’s 2021 and there are so many options for finding love I’ve seen a lot of people using single disabled dating website ‘s which I think is great. If I wasn’t in a committed relationship it would probably be my preferred site purely because of my anxiety it’s great to know you can share all this information with someone before you meet and on other sites, it can be hard to explain the situation or problems you have I feel it would be more beneficial to use a site like this. If you’re looking to find love online lookout for my next post which will help you stay safe online. Id also love to hear your best self-care tips and your favourite positive affirmations comment below 😀

Thanks for reading have a great week Jade x

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