2021 life after lockdown

Hi all, hope you are well yay to June things will hopefully be fully open and semi-normal it will probably take a while to get back into the swing of things. feels like a lifetime ago life before covid I don’t know about you but im feeling this has been the longest year and a half in history …. maybe just recent history but thankfully after a while it will be our history and we will no longer be living in fear of the unknown. It will be a distant memory and happier times will be coming …phew.

We can finally start looking to the future instead of life being on hold. During the lockdowns, I had a lot of time to reflect on the world and the attitudes we all have and the way we treat each other. I noticed before all this happened everyone was constantly competing with each other and they were so ready to rip every piece of happiness from each other. commenting on weight, style, parenting skills you name it I saw it, people being not only bullied but ripped to shreds by other women. We should be helping each other and supporting each other with our achievements and if someones having a hard time offer help, not judgement circumstances are not always a choice you don’t know what’s going on in anyone lives only what we see , on the outside.

During the lockdown, I witness so many people attitudes changing and finally after all this time, we’re supporting each other just a shame it too bloody pandemic to bring it out in people. We may of been home but we certainly helped each other.and I pray we all stick to it. If we see someone having wobble bloody ask if they are ok! kindness never killed anyone after all. We saw couples separate, family struggle, the NHS and other key workers help so many I have no words to describe the gratitude. We all had more time for self-care and with the children, all be it stressful at times don’t think I’m cut out to be a teacher tho did ok and Emily hasn’t fallen behind by some flipping miracle.

Now is the time to move forward and live again. To appreciate life and the freedoms we have. It give us the encouragement to try new thing, we’ve had extra time for self-care ti reflect on what we really want from life. nows the time to be who you want to be and maybe who you might like to meet or who you want to be.

Thanks for reading Jade x


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