100 a day for may challange

Hi all , hope your is going well. This month im back on the competitions ive had a little break still entering but nothing crazy like my usual entering ritual. Ive decided that this month im going to enter 100 a day to see if the odds will be in my favour. I will only enter things i really need or gifts i can give as somethings we really dont need and dont have room for i imagine some days wont quite be 100 but aim high hehe. Meaning in june ill be posting my monthly unboxings again. when i started blogging it was more about money saving and competitions but obviously all my intrest seem to be on her now not the best niche but hey my blog is all me below ive listed a few competitions which are being run by another blogger and what a treat for whoever wins ive also added a link to my own giveaway below which is some beauty we all a need a treat and a pamper after the bum head year.

Current comps šŸ˜€

Single Disabled giveaway:  

Link: competition closes 8/6/2021


Adult giveaway:

Link: close on the 8/6/2021


My instagram competition ending 21st june 2021 see post for details : https://www.instagram.com/p/CPBUxO_LtxX/

Finally i wanted to say thank you to everyone who tags me and sorry ive been on a go slow its been really tough month for me personally and im shocked ive even got out of be but here we are not giving up and competitions and all the lovely people you meet its a great community and hands down my most favourite hobby i wont be giving it up anytime soon thanks for reading ahd have a fabuous may well the last few days of it lots of eom win for you all Jade xx

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