Here Are 3 Quick Factors To Solve A Problem with Schooling During A Pandemic


The effects of the pandemic had been tragic for many, with a lot of adjustments. Lately, everything had slowly started opening up again, and kids can once again begin attending school in person. Whether your kids are back or you’ve decided to keep it virtual, read on to understand more about routines, pros and cons of virtual vs. in-person schooling, and back-to-school safety.


Communication, understanding, and routine are vital to empowering your kids. Including them in creating a routine may help as ownership will be learned in developing positive habits alongside their formulated patterns. Professionals advise that it is important to begin practicing repetitions ahead of time, a week or two early. It gradually introduces newly formed habits and allows for an adjustment period.

Implement these new routines and bedtimes, waking times, breakfasts, and dinners for a smoother schedule. Create schedules that they can be a part of with to-do lists that celebrate and encourage their successes through acknowledgment and instilling a sense of pride in themselves. It helps to keep your anxiety levels under control as it does, unfortunately, add to your children. It’s essential to try to relax and prepare yourself with them to create positive experiences for everyone.


Whether your child will be attending virtual vs. in-person schooling or a hybrid combination of the two from their early years to secondary schools and beyond. Here are the pros and cons.

The pros of in-person schooling allow for your child to be under the care of trained professionals in the traditional school framework who are physically present. Another is that you can again focus on your own routines and business as a parent. The cons are the safety hazards which can be a worry, wondering if protocols will be followed, and the possibility of the virus getting passed around the children. As a parent who may have grown accustomed to being a part of your children’s daily teachings, you have to yield your influence back to the schools.

The pros of virtual schooling mean children may have adapted better to a flexible schedule and their own learning spaces. Likewise, providing you have a reliable internet connection with a provider such as viasat internet, for example, teachers are still able to assist students regardless of whether they are physically present or not. The cons of having a lack of proper equipment and internet connections can be a concern for many who are not so lucky. Having unreliable access to necessities for virtual education is a concern. Opportunities for social, emotional, and motivational support from a school setup can be lacking.

SCHOOL SAFETYIf it has been decided that going back to school is the best option, it is vital to ensure back-to-school safety. This will allow your children to avoid the possible dangers and peace of mind.  Personal hygiene and safety gear for protection should be provided and taught as the permanent standard, with social distancing measures.


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