Urban vs living

Urban Vs. Rural Living

A question as old as cities themselves is whether living in an urban or rural area is better.  There are selling points for both of these, and those who love these types of homes are passionate about why their favorite is better.  Still, many are undecided!  If you’re not sure which would fit you better, here are some choices to help you decide whether or not you should start looking at Banff homes for sale!

Expense Of Living

Hands down, cities are more expensive to live in.  For the price of a monthly mortgage payment for a two-story home in some areas, you could be stuck renting a one-bedroom tiny apartment in a large city.  In cities, because of property costs, everything goes up in price.  You’ll pay more for groceries, clothing, electricity, and childcare than you would in rural areas.  This cost can add up quickly and leave you unable to enjoy the perks of living in the city.

Access To Fun and Goods

There’s a lot you can do while living in either area!  Whether that means sledding fun in rural winters or basketball against the whole neighborhood in urban areas. It’s hard to picture a single lead for these; they both have plenty of fun things to do.  The problem is when it comes to shopping and finding goods.  If you’re in a rural area without many shops, you may find yourself having to pay for shipping or waiting a long time for your purchases to arrive.  In cities, many places have free one-day shipping, or you can pick up their items in-store.  Although there’s no lack of fun in rural areas, urban areas have shops and spending that can be fun.

Job Availability

If you’re looking for a specialized job or career, you’ll have better luck finding it in an urban area.  Although there are plenty of jobs in rural towns, cities’ population density means that there are more jobs needed, so more jobs to be hired for.  Unfortunately, although you’re more likely to score a career for life in rural areas, there aren’t as many options or specialties available.  If you want niche work or want to find a job faster, the city is where it’s at.

Education for Kids

Even though many inner-city schools get judged for their educational value, there’s a lot of information that backs up the fact that city schools have better percentages for graduation, honors classes, and other extracurriculars that students can use to succeed.  If you want a better chance at good schools and a better education, an urban school is the only option on the table.


This question comes up any time someone considers whether they like rural or urban living better.  Although many cities are excellent and safe places to live, urban areas are often reported to have higher crime rates for crimes like robbery.  Many believe this is because of the higher likelihood of financial troubles in crowded cities.  You can still raise a family safely in these areas, but this may be something to consider before saying no to a rural area.

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