Halloween fun with #MAOAMmicschief

Hi all , how are you? My kids finally break up for half term today and I’ve decided to trick them in the name of Halloween. It was really funny I made a trick or treat box using items I had around the house.

Odds and ends from around the house.

I then decorated the box and placed some cardboard inside the box to create two separate sections.Daddy put in the trick whilst I was picking up the kids from school which was some fun squirty play foam and I’m pretty sure there were some fake spiders involved . In the treat side we added maoam strips perfect portion and wrapped which I feel is more hygienic. And for the sake of my mischief stopped the foam contaminating the sweets.

The set up!

When the children arrived home they were so excited and probably thought what the heck is going on.

Emily waiting time dig in 🤣

Emily of course picked treat but all fool her I got the trick or treat mixed up so she got the trick anyway I’d like to say was ment to be that way but was complete accident haha.

Foamy goodness

Harrison had a little go too but his face wasn’t to pleased 😂. I can confirm no children were hurt and both got some yummy maoam after our #maoammischeif I’m thinking up of some more in time for Christmas. Been a testing few months defiantly need some more fun. For more mischeif visit  https://maoam.fun/ and check out the frighteningly fun free events they’re holding at shopping centres around the UK for Halloween!’ 

We all had lots of fun what’s your favourite Halloween trick I’d love to know need some new material for next year haha.

Jade x

‘This post is an entry for the BritMums #MAOAMmischief Challenge, sponsored by MAOAM. Get ideas for creating mischief with your kids at https://maoam.fun/ and check out the frighteningly fun free events they’re holding at shopping centres around the UK for Halloween!’ 

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