Be you !

Hi all , hope your well today im writing about being yourself because changing yourself to be something or someone your not should never be an options. In society today there are so many social pressures to be “perfect”. The increased use of social media , i think may contribute to this but what alot of us forget is that people are not going to share the negative side of their lives or themselves . For instance i have many bad habbits smoking , swearing , biting nails and exsessivly talking when im nervous/anxious to name a few there but they dont make me a bad person , probably very annoying but thats me .

I always used to worry so much about what others thought about me (still do) and truefully i dont even know why? I suppose we all just want to be liked . I found since having my children i do care less now as my priorities changed. Being mother can feel like your not you anymore but i think thats just the overwhelming , sleep deprived state were in for 18 years + and im willing to bet my life this kind of worry never stops.

I personally will be the first to admit i can be very unkind to myself i alway call myself an idiot when i make a mistake , i moan about my spots far to much because god forbit your face has got abit of texture i blame all the filters and photoshopping i see. Ive gained weigh and jiggly bits since having my children do i wanna loose a few pound of course but im trying to focus on accepting myself for who i am. When you start to allow yourself to accept YOU how you are you will feel happier and just better in general.

In recent years alot of my friends have told me about there online dating experiances. so many people pretend to be something there not. It would be great if people could be 100% honest about themselves would save so much miserey. There is nothing wrong with being yourself i truely believe that there is someone out there for everyone. I got lucky when i met liam the old fashion way as people would say at the local pub 7 years later were very happy and both out personalities make one normal person haha. Before we met we both tried online dating for me it was fun and a great way to meet new people but there is a very weird side. I dont know if its the same for men but the amount of intimate pics i recievded and didnt ask for was alarming i dont know in what universe that would attract a women and some very strange request for knickers safe to say i was scared off.On the other hand i know so many people who have met their mr right online too. I suppose it like any other platform good and bad sides.

My advice for online dating.

  • Be yourself dont try to fit someone elses mould YOU are amazing and the right person will see that.
  • Tell the truth if it works out your other half will realise your not who you say you are and could ruin everything.
  • DONT SEND intemite picks nobody asked for or wants.
  • Only use a trusted adult dating site. is a good one.
  • Add a realistic photo showing your true self no catfishing! (see below for selfie tips.)

How to take the perfect selfie and share the true you

  • Ditch the filter.
  • Good lighting i like natural light but use what you have.
  • Keep make up natural or simly dont wear any at all .
  • Smile…. Its contagious and really makes a difference on how we feel in ourself and how we are perceived by others.

I suppose what im trying to say is always be yourself no matter what people will love you no matter your quirks. If you can learn to love yourself you will automaticly feel better about yourself. STOP comparing yourself to others and live your best life jiggly bits and all.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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