Weston-super-mare our family day out review

Hi everyone hope you are well . Today I’m writing about our family day out to weston-super-mare. After an early start and myself having a panic attack on the coach before we’d even left.. thank you anxiety problem. We ended up having a fun filled day . It was . We spent the day on the pier having ice-cream on the beach and playing the 2p machines.

It was also lovely to arrive and find out a lot of the eatery on the pier we’re taking Part with the eat out scheme all 4 of us were able to eat out for less than a tenner which is almost unheard of. We decided on fish and chips on the pier with some tasty slush puppies which were much need in the heat.

On the pier we spent most of our time hiding from the heat. It was a little strange with everyone wearing mask inside but as the time went on we got used to it we did remove ours for the photos. We loved being able to find buy wrist bands which allow you to ride unlimited all day and entry on the pier also we only had Childrens one and 1 adult could assist the child on the attractions for free which is brilliant if your going out on a strict budget.

We particularly enjoyed the fun go carts mine and Emily’s not so much we managed to rip both our knees. Then harrison the little dare devil push liams hand off the wheel took control and crashed into the side splitting his lip oops. Afterwards we had a go on the crystal maze Emily really enjoyed this and harrison walked into the wall too another oops. Then Emily and Liam went into the lazer maze which they really lived until emily set it off and freaked out bless her.

We took a little stroll down the beach and enjoyed a yummy ice cream and donkey ride which was really reasonably priced too. Then we back to the pier for our last hour on the two pence machine and to trade in our tickets the children managed to get 300 tickets each.so they chose a few trinkets from the prize shop harrison got a sword and Emily a little pony and two big lolly pops for her friends back home.

Our last stop was the gift shop harrison was in the buggy at this point his little legs were tired. He’s a cheap boy only picking up a couple of cups , and inflatable hammer and small pack of sweets. Emily picked up a little you’re with her name on and a pencil so she can do her school work. I got liam the obligates cheesy key ring which Made him. It was again all reasonably priced most things at around a pound.

The journey home which only takes around 30 mins and it was a very quiet one harrison fell asleep and Emily was very tired too she snuggle into me for the duration which was lovely.

All in all I’d say it was a great trip minus the anxiety issues. We found everything really reasonably priced so if you are on a tight budget you can work around it quite easily. I’d highly recommend this trip for all the family and definatly get the children wristbands you’ll save a fortune.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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