Toddler teeth brushing problems and Colgate minion toothbrush review. #AD

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk to you about children’s dental hygiene and how I’ve magically stopped the toddler teeth brushing tantrums we’ve been dealing with. Harrison as many of you might no is 2 and a half and tantrum-prone everything is no atm and becoming a lot harder with him. Tho giving the current predicament we are all in, I imagine many of us are having similar issues all of our lives have stopped but I’ve found having a solid persistent routine is really help us.

Tips that may help

  • Let your child choose their own toothbrush.  Harrison has the  Colgate kids battery-powered toothbrush is brilliant so easy for the children to use so many fun designs too Harrison has the minon one which can be purchased here they are usually £7 pound but are currently on offer for £3.50 in Morrison (SEE HERE). This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own and we were so impressed we bought one for Emily too. The bristles aren’t too harsh on tiny teeth and help the children use the right amount of toothpaste. There is also a battery include which I liked because that’s one thing I can never find in this house so was easy as opening swilling off the brush and brushing like normal there have been fewer tantrums and Harrison‘s teeth are looking extra clean. He is only two but is now showing me he wants to start brushing himself which I do let him a bit but I go over them first.
  • Let them see you brush your teeth to normalise it for them.
  • Make it fun we read a wonderful book called dinosaur Douglas and the beastly bugs both Harrison and Emily love the story and encourage healthier eating too which is great too.
  • Reward charts – This is new for us but my two really like getting there stars each day for doing their little routines of brushing twice a day they have to do it’s every day or no star there are a few other things I get then to do Im trying to encourage self-care.


The Nhs recommends taking your child/ren to the dentist when their first milk teeth appear and brushing teeth twice a day. It is a great way to get them used to it and a very healthy habit to have. I hope this helps I know what nightmare teeth brushing can be with children and toddlers, have you any fun tips on how you get your little monkeys to brush their teeth? I’d love to know comment below.Thanks for reading.


Jade x




( Disclaimer – * This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own*.



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