Dinkleboogifts personalised book review #ad

Hi everyone hope your well. Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while life has been been crazy this whole year has been but we won’t go into that. We have kindly gifted two wonderful personalised books from a lovely company called dinkyboo gifts (linked below). As you know we are a family of bookworms the children made quick work of these think we’ve found our new bedtime story they love being the stars of there own adventures:

Princess Emily’s story , is a fun filled story about a day in the life of a princess. This adorable story is very engaging and Emily absolutely loved every bit of it and she could fluently read it on her own.

Harrison visits the zoo another great story filled with adventure also easy to follow and kept him engaged the whole time. which for 2 year old is fantastic as there attention spans and somewhat limited. This is the most requested book in the house atm even caught Emily reading it to him once or twice which is adorable. They have been crazy this past week I won’t lie.I approciate the fact they love a good story and it settles them when there being asbo kids.

I think these, as well as the other stories on the website, are a wonderful buy. I would highly recommend as a birthday or Christmas gift. I know as a child I would of loved them so much.

Head over to their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dinkleboogifts/ and a take a look you wont be disappointed. If you dont have Instagram here is a link to there website where you will not only find these lovely stories but and array of wonderful gifts https://www.dinkleboo.com/uk/?sntp=instagram&sncp=offer18 there are also quite a few sale items too.


To be the center of a storybook universe , In such endearing colourful books really ignites a passion for reading. Thanks for reading  Jade xx


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