Wonderbly personalised book review #ad

Hi everyone , hope you are well today we have another fun book review this is quickly becoming a book review blog. I thought these would be great to share with Father’s Day coming up I think the dad one would make a fantastic gift I tried to save Liams but the kids got two excited as they helped me edit it on the website for him.


About Wonderbly 

Weather is your birthday, Christmas or another holiday simply go on to the website and create a gift perfect for all occasions. When on the website simply choose the book you would like and personalise to your needs. The website is really easy to use its wonderful to see your story come alive. The attention to deal is lovely and the personalisation is so easy to do, although I would recommend double or even triple checking all is right before you checkout. The checkout is really easy to use add your details any codes you may have and you’re done. You also get sent a tracking email as soon as it’s on its way which I love and also helps you stash it away before little eyes see the parcel haha. my two are a nightmare how I stash things successfully I will never know.


Books can be purchase herehttps://www.wonderbly.com/uk use MYNEXTREAD20 for a 20% discount. (not an affiliated code)

What the kids thought!

Harrison, he’s only two but he’s obsessed with his where Harrison book he can find his little character which is great im only guessing but im sure he can recognise his name as he keeps saying me.



Emily also loved being able to make a special book for daddy for fathers day. She was able to do the writing on the Wonderbly website to fill his book of all the quality she loves about her daddy.




Final thought we personally loved the books were huge reader so its lovely to see the children within there own stories and also during this time has encouraged them to read or find Harrison as he was the main character of his own story. we particularly loved the format and how easy it was to navigate the website site there really is a book for everyone. The books make one special gift daddy/ Liam was very impressed and I know he will treasure it. They are very fun what better than a story filled with you to grow your imagination and ignite a passion for reading. I would definitely recommend as a birthday or holiday gift this year a memory that can be kept forever. Thanks for reading.

Jade x






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