Make up routine for busy mums!

I’m no guru but I like to look fresh-faced and to cover my delightful adult acne. Not only does it make me feel better, to be honest without these delightful spots id probably be a natural fresh-faced 27 years old.  I’ve managed to get my routine down to five minutes and I feel like it’s very affordable, wearable and not too much faffing around. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 key products that are not only amazing but very affordable.

1….Moisturizer instead of primer I personally find it works much better. I usually put on then sort the kids then finish myself off when there read to go. I use whatever on ive won currently a neals yard day cream lovely.

2… a good foundation I use L’Oréal true match it’s fab and lasts all-day.


3… mascara any will do but I love the scandal eyes one from Rimmel also a product test but i love it and have bought a few since.


4… lipstick I’ve been loving the bonjours one I got to review for tryingit sampling and I love it will be repurchasing if product testing interests you check out These post Here and Here x


5… some blusher and your good to go I love the makeup revolutions ones a huge old pan which lasts for ages blends out easily and affordable.


That’s my everyday make up simple but I like it just gives me the confidence boost and makes me feel better about myself well about the acne. I think I’m comfortable in my own skin mostly. What are your go-to makeup items?

Jade x






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