May 19 wins wahoo :D

 Well after last months efforts I’m definitely going to try a new routine. I’m thinking more effort comps and searching them out. I’d really love to win the rest of Emily’s birthday presents and some laminate flooring Harrison’s been pulling the carpet up terrible 2s have struck early if it’s got a plug or if it moves it mine and must be destroyed in his eyes.

May has been a very slow month for me I had my first win on the 23rd it’s been a slow bumpy ride I must admit no motivation and an addiction to playing ps4 with Liam but I’m back with a vengeance I’m going to have a winning month from today 😀 #posotivethinking.


My first win of may is a useful win of some BAA sports stuff for Liam which I won on the My protein live birthday game… GOT being everywhere I somehow knew there were 8 seasons without ever watching an episode. Then the presenter made a joke about buying jade rice from Tesco that’s a new one I thought id heard them all being named after food should see what comes up when I’m searching for wins.


The second win is an EPIC skincare bundle from Instagram thanks to the fabulous Sharon who tagged me and her friend and we all won wahoo 🙂 the Foundation is 54 pound alone 😮 feel very lucky.

The third win was a surprise from the tiger instant win I found on Di cokes blog I couldn’t collect it so gave the voucher to someone could use it x

The fourth win also a surprise as my entry was terrible. I think it was my comment that swayed it a Sony speaker from the Shazam/crunchy nut comp.

Sorry, no actual pictures will update as they arrive :D. How has your month been ? what has been your favourite win comment below and lots of luck for June :D.


Jade xx



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