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Being a parent is challenging on many levels as we are all aware. So when we finally get the bedtime routine down is time to grab a gin and enjoy some me time. Then bam the clocks change in March and your sassy four-year-old daughter tell you “its light out it not be time” and The newest addition to the family decides to wake up at the crack of dawn after waking up 3 times in the night for his 18months of life.  You would think after so long you would get used to the sleep deprivation…..NOPE.

we tried many routines with the same outcome then one fateful day there was an Amazon flash deal for a blackout blind The Gro Company Stars and Moons Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind with Suction Cups. I thought why not it’s a good price I had tried practically everything else and it hadn’t worked. I egarlly awaited the 24 hours with the hope of more than 2 hours of unbroken sleep.  

Delivery day and our box of hope had arrived. I was excited but very optimistic surely my sleeping prayers wouldn’t be so easily answered?

We went about our daily routine and whilst Liam was bathing the children I took the blind out of the packaging and stuck it to the window using the suction cups and it was as easy as that. The blind itself is very nice has little moons and stars on it and folds down into a small bag which is great as its easily moved and could be used on holiday, sleeping at the grandparents wherever you want really. It created a nice dark relaxing atmosphere to fall asleep in I remember thinking to myself this could actually work.

The test Harrison went out like a light as did Emily no sass from her she was amazed how light it was in the bathroom but dark in the bedroom she was convinced it was magic.  For the first night in 18 months me and Liam were actually able to watch a film and have some adult time. Harrison wakes once for a drink he always gets thirsty in the night which is normal for him was around 12ish. Both children stayed asleep until around 8.30 we couldn’t believe it. It could have been fluke night but 2 months later and both children sleep all night ever since (with the odd wakeup for a drink). I don’t know if this will work with all children but worth a go if you’ve tried all other methods of sleep training I would really recommend it even if you don’t have kids might be good if you work nights, like I used to,it was a nightmare sleeping in the day I also found its a great tool for naptime.  I wish I would have bought one for my children sooner,  I’ve decided whenever I go to a baby shower I’m going to gift them sleep with their own blackout blind Your welcome future mummy and daddy friends hehe.

Thank you for reading what’s your best sleep tip comment below <3








Disclaimer – AFFILIATE LINK IN THIS POST but I did buy the product myself and I genuinely use it most night during the spring/summer x

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