How to stay sane with a comping ban or lack of motivation!!

As I’m sure most of you are aware Facebook, Instagram and Twitter like to hit us with bans which are very disheartening but what I like to do is to use the time to reorganize my comping. After raging for a while of course and most defiantly moaning to Liam for a lot longer than he wants usually leads to him distracting me by tempting me onto the play station works every time what can I say he knows me.

I like to spend my ban/unmotivated time

  • Unfollowing/unliking pages one at a time because that is another limit I like to hit quite a lot. surprisingly not on Facebook tho probably because it just loves to unlike random pages. Organizing my comping purchase necessary list.
  • I keep a diary of wins to make sure everything arrives its a good time to chase prizes.
  • I also like to watch all the unboxing videos to keep me motivated.
  • I also like to update my wishlist too.
  • Another annoying but vital task unsubscribing from as many mailing lists as I can.
  • Quite often I like to take time to appreciate what I have won because even if my luck has run out I’ve had a lot of fun comping and meeting some amazing like-minded people <3.

finally, if your really fed up and can’t be bothered  take a break and come back to it when you’re ready. I like to think the more positive I am the more likely I am to win whether or not that’s right I don’t know but I’ve been one negative ninny since half term so hopefully, I snap out of it and good things will happen.

What do you do when you’re on a ban or unmotivated comment thanks for reading x





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