The compulsion cloud book review

The compulsion cloud

Good morning , the sun is shining and it’s looking like it’ll be a glorious day a great day to read in the sunshine and talk in nature or attempt to garden like this novice.

This wonderful book tour hosted by @literallypr thank you for letting me take part on another of your fabulous tours 🙂

The compulsion cloud follows hollys therapy journey and gives her back the power I’m so happy for holly I think in life we could all use some help and that’s ok better to face than ignore the problem. It’s important to recognise that our childrens struggle too, if this past few years has been anything to go by I imagine we may have a generation of Children whom need extra support and this book shows you can ask for help without any judgment which is fundamentally important in my opinion.

written by averi ridge Castaneda and illustrated by Vicky Kuhn. I’ve found it to be a wonderful representation of ocd dissorder and the way it’s been written is in a way I’ve found so helpful for not only myself but the children following hollys journey has allowed me to show my children the compulsion doesn’t always have to win , harrison is terrible for washing his little hands they are often very dry and bleeding we’ve found the compulsion cloud not only to be a great book but a learning too to help us beat our own clouds. We highly recommend.

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