Ten ways to save on groceries in 2023

Hi all I hope you are well , today I’m getting back to writing what I’m good at money saving , being frugal or a tight arse some might say … am I bothered tho 😂 . The cost of living has gone crazy and so many people are having to change the way they live just to survive which is awful on 2023 you’d think we’d all be moving forward not back with record inflation we won’t even mention the energy bills and all the other bill increases it’s too much. I guess for now we just have to ride it out will have to get better eventually right …. Here are ten ways to save on your food shopping more coming soon.

1. Shop your shelves before you start , Check what you have in and see what you can already make and see what you can supplement to create meals this will prevent food waste and help you get creative with meal ideas too.

2. Meal plan around step one. Make sure to include snacks too so you can avoid top up shops which are a huge drain on your wallet especially if you shop hungry.

3. Never meal plan or shop when your hungry you will buy crap you don’t need I would suggest picking something you like as a treat so you don’t feel like your scrimping I like to grab an iced coffee usually only when there on sale tho liam reminds me I’ve won a coffee machine and I usually drink cold coffee due to the kids haha 😂

4 shop online where possible to stop the impulse buys. try to Match up offers and shop the budget brand where possible if your unsure you can adjust the filters to show cheapest items first.

5 If you can’t shop in store take cash and stick to your list . Also don’t shop eye level as there’s where the expensive stuff it’s put also try to avoid end caps as they have the deals to draw you in on items you don’t need. If your really lucky there should be a reduced section in most stores bread and similar items freeze well for use another day.

6. Don’t buy prepared fruit or veg unless frozen. Buy loose where possible and prepare yourself at home and freeze , meal prep what you can I’ll have a post about that soon.

7. Bulk by items to save money where you can for example I like to buy fabric softener , washing liquids and toilet roll in bulk once every few months I hate having to buy as part of our weekly shop.

8. Eat less meat where possible ive really been enjoying meat free meals I’ve been sharing a few over on Instagram Jamie’s scruffy veg lasagna is a new favourite and we’re addicted.

9. Buy baking ingredients instead of supermarket treats. Using simple baking recipes like cinnimon cookies or chocolate chip cupcakes have less of a premium and if like me you have a sweet tooth you won’t eat as many treats because of the effort. I will say tho we do enjoy a baking session this Saturday gone we baked focaccia using leftover herbs and with the random leftover flour we made cinnamon cookies all in the same oven to save energy I’ve been filling it up like the good old days.

Foccocia we mad with leftovers

10. Don’t be brand loyal sometimes you save money Aswell as consuming less salt and sugar I found some of the cheaper items much healthier and they have a better flavour.

I hope this post has been helpful have the best week and I look forward to sharing more helpful content over the next few months. Thanks for reading have the best day jade x

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