Our favourite sustainable games (ad-gifted)

Hi all this year we’re working hard to only buy what we need and things that will last. Too many times have we be caught out with cheap plastic tat that doesn’t last we’ve learnt the hard way to make better more sustainable choice when it comes to kids games and other items. So far so good we’ve switch from plastic to wooden and/or sustainable. These are my top pics from McMillan they kindly sent me theses to review on Instagram but we genuinely loved them so much I decided to do a mini gift guide as I know many of you would love too there fun for all the family and makes screen free time so much more fun I’m terrible at all three and Harrison beats us all 😂

Fire in the whole

Fire in the whole is a really fun and easy to play not too complicated for the family unless your me and throw like a wet wipe. The children and I had some much fun learning the ropes and keeping everything ship shape. Emily won as usual that girls had eye cordination and luck.

We are also thrilled it’s a plastic free game we have slowly been donating our plastic games to charity as we hope to become more substainable and making better purchasing options a lot of the time the plastic games end up broken and that’s with my children who look after there games really well. I was amazed to find fire in the hole is a 100 carbon neutral.

All in all this truly is a fantastic game you and your children could enjoy together and a final bonus is how easy and tidy it is to put away back into its box ready for next time Emily and harrison get so excited when we bring ours out.

It’s bananas

this amazing and hilarious game it’s been a real hit in our house tho getting photos has been a nightmare we’ve been too busy laughing and enjoying ourselfs (reel pending if I can compose myself haha) It’s banana is a wonderful @mcmiller.fun game which has over 50m views on TikTok maybe that’s how I can get views hmmm. The game itself is so easy to set up and will have you and the whole family laughing and have some screen free time.


Finally we have uproar so easy to play and easy to store too a simple but super fun card game for all the family I swear we’ve never laughed so hard I must admit Liam is the best and fastest too shou out tho haha. The whole family will love and you’ll be belly laughing the whole time .time.dissapointed.

Thanks for reading what are your favourite substainable games or more substainable living content see here please comment below we’d love to find a few more for our collections. I hope you have a great day Jade x

(Disclaimer this blog uses affiliate links and I sometimes re share gifted items I really love I will always be honest)

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