Fire safety tips and petition

Hi all how are you doing? Not long left till the big day. There are so many things going on I think my brain is about to Malfunction and I’ve basically moved into the school at this point of the year it’s all fun and games but wow I’m tired I look forward to the time off and more relaxed mornings and PJs days bliss for all of us I must admit.

Ive been working with the charity Electrical Safety First.To raise awareness and to stop these online sellers from potentially causing harm and getting away with being negligent.In the UK, online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Wish are not bound to the same laws as traditional retailers. I cannot believe that in 2022 this is even acceptable. The electrical safety YouTube video is really eye opening see here.

I must admit this made me quite angry and reminded me of my own experience. It was Christmas 2014 I’d purchased liam a second hand iPhone and needed to get a charger for it. So I went online Amazon and bought what I though was a safe charging cable. I was having a midday nap due to my pregnancy with Emily. I was awoken to a strange smell and when I opened my eyes the plug was sparking luckily I woke up and was able to quickly sort it out before serious harm was done. Not the most dramatic story but scary none the less. After this I’ve always been really serious about fire safety we have fire extinguishers upstairs and in the kitchen and I feel all homes should have one. I’ve seen so many articles about faulty tech over the years they really do need to clamp down and make these online retailer be requested like the actual stores.

Thanks so much for reading please please shop safely when purchasing appliances second hand and please sign this petition and please share it with friends to stop the sale of faulty electricals and potentially save lives. I really do hope action is taken. Merry Christmas and dont forget to join my facebook page and join my Christmas giveaway.Thanks for reading Jade x

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