Managing money in 2022

Hiya how are you all doing, what a year well 2 years ago this week was out last normal week I cannot even put it into words how weird it feels to say. I don’t know about you but we’ve been struggling with the rising costs of everything and energy prices sky rocketing many of us are on the verge of financial collapse whether it be bills, debt or just hardship. Everything set to get worse I thought I would compile a few of the things we do to keep our head above water the best we can. For many years we’ve been a very low-income family but we’ve made do with heat, food clothes on our back we don’t want for much. obviously, a few luxuries are nice but not at the expense of debt I’ve found a very unique way of getting the thing I want. (see here) There are also a few other things I enjoy as a hobby (here) not always lucrative but fabulous nonetheless.

Budget planning

The top tip doesn’t spend what you don’t have to avoid store cards, catalogues and buys now pay later schemes if you can. I know for some there isn’t a choice and when it comes to birthdays and Christmas for the kids the temptation is always there and with the current financial climate, I worry how much worse off we will be when we feel we have no choice.

A meal plan not only helps you organise what you are buying and cooking each day but you can plan to use what you already have and only buy what you need. This keeps the shopping bill down and also creates less food waste I’ve also found some really yummy recipes for leftovers myself and Liam have really been enjoying cooking again and we haven’t wasted any money on unhealthy takeaways it’s a win win.


I feel as tho debt is going to be in all of our futures but sadly for some, it’s also a thing of the past that keeps dragging them back into the past constantly struggling to keep their heads above water with steep monthly payments coming left right and centre never knowing when the next instalments being taken. I’ve recently read about debt consolidation which I feel could be a great option if your struggling to keep up learn more here. Not only will you know how much and when you’ll be paying your instalment there’s some sort of end game to getting everything back on track for yourself which is not more manageable but huge stress off your shoulders. You can find extra help (here)

What are your best tips for saving money and keeping yourself afloat wed love to hear please comment below, thanks for reading and have a great week Jade x


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