How to look after your money 2022

Hi, all I hope you are doing well. I cannot believe it is February the first tomorrow where on earth did January go. This month has been a whirlwind for us illnesses struck not covid glad to have dodged that bullet. We’ve really been able to reel in our spending not that we’ve ever been crazy with and for the first 2 week period since moving we have won the recycling and bin battle ah the little things ay adult life has really peaked haha. The birth of our little rainbow is impending quickly 10 weeks maybe less depending on how big she gets. I really wanted to get ahead and just be more efficient with our income among other things we even started a small pantry so we don’t run out of basics (Read here).

My top tips for looking after your money!

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If like me you are starting to really worry about money due to the ever-growing energy crisis and the astronomical increase that is crippling many of us. id suggest keeping all your receipts and tracking every direct debit. penny-pinching on any non-essentials you could cut out now is the time. For me The beauty subs are gone, the Netflix sub we have prime so we will be using that instead and the yummy takeaways are now gone. All is not lost tho I’m falling back in love with cooking and will be uploading my money-saving reading list (here) not sponsored but my gosh they have helped us so much as of late.

An RDF wallet like The lauri leather RFID-blocking wallet from trendhim..These stylish wallets, stop people from being able to go around with a card reader and scan your card without you knowing stealing your money. I’ve read this crime has gotten worse with the extended limit of 100 these scammers need to be stopped but unfortunately, it would be near impossible to catch every single one of them. An added bonus of being really practical and well made. I got one for Liam for Christmas he really loves it must remember to add it to my valentines gift guide (here).

#Trendhim RFID-blocking wallet

Not me but have you got a pesky gym membership that you’re not really using just cancel so many free workouts available online on youtube it’s amazing. I’ve been doing pregnancy yoga to ease my aches and pains not as often as id like being a mum of two already the chores never end must focus on my self-care more this year too. Liam also enjoys the weight lifting programmes in there something for everyone.

Well that’s enough from me I have several more money posts going up this next few weeks not my usual niche but it has been playing a lot on my mind as of late. w ere on a reduced income so I’ve really had to look at the finances and to be honest, I wish id done it sooner, we did manage to get some saved and then bam some loon drive into us writing off our car … didn’t see us must have had his eyes shut or worse on his phone no doubt. On the bright side we are all safe and well feeling positive for 2022 WEVE got this. I hope you have a great month Jade x

(disclaimer- the RFID-wallet was previously gifted opinions are my own and genuinely included to this post because trend him is my go-to for any gifts)

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