Happy new year

Happy new year and our first post. What can I say 2021 was a very testing year for us its almost impossible to remember the good things that happened but it’s not all doom and gloom just a little from pregnancy loss to car crashes it all happened. Almost like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from I will admit from around may I’d completely given up and let everything get on top of me I was one miserable grumpy cow. This year I’m going to focus on the good and the things I enjoy comping, blogging and family they make me happy and 2022 will be our year of happiness. My hope is that we get the garden sorted, the upstairs decorated all before April when our precious rainbow is due. She is the little miracle that has kept us all going despite being told we could have no more children she survived not only the first 12 weeks but a car accident too, she’s not even born yet but has brought her brother and sister so much joy already my heart gets so full at the thought of them all snuggling on the sofa together. We also had a crazy overnight house move and a long wait for carpet in October but by the 7th of December we were somewhat organised well downstairs upstairs is a disaster zone well to me it is I think I feel an urgency to get everything done and organised pronto feel like a ticking time bomb haha. It would help if I could stop falling asleep and remember my to-do list baby brain is a real problem this time I will admit.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Im excited for the kiddos to go back to school we can get back into our normal well normal revised routine of school and whatnot. Harrison starts his new nursery this week and Emily will be staying at her old school we must be mad but it would break my heart and hers to separate her from friends she’s grown up with from the ages of two. Harrison will be going back in September but with his new school he will have the opportunity to go all day which will not only help me (he’s a git) but i think would be better for him he’s always moaning when I pick him up after two hours. we should be able to get the house sorted don’t think we’ve had six hours of peace in 7 years haha not that it will be rest it will be day one doing sod all and enjoying it and the room by room sort outs and decluttering. Im excited im such a weirdo.

My hopes for 2022 is that everyone gets the freedom and happiness they deserve and we can all have some sort of normal. My new years resolution is to make more of an effort not only in day to day life but when it comes to connecting with the people who matter and we care about. This past few years has been rough lets make 2022 a good one. Thanks for reading my rambles proper content soon money saving , comping and lots of other fun stuff scheduled and ready to post 🙂 Jade x

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