We are finally back !

Hiya all, I hope you are well. Im sure you have noticed I’ve been very quiet as of late and have only just started posting again. It’s been a hell of a few months some I don’t wish to talk about yet but I’m pleased to announce we have finally moved to our forever home. 3 weeks ago today we had a phone call to collect keys the next day we were all moved in in less than 24 hours. we had previously been told we were meant to move but after months of radio silence just assumed it wouldn’t happen then to get that phone call we were elated, a room each for the children and garden what more could we ask for. I’ve never been so stressed but so grateful im life, It has been strange yet wonderful adjusting from living in our delightful mouldy flat with rising damp all sorts of problems. I’ll always be grateful for our first home ive learnt a lot from it we had so many precious memories of the children which were, a lot of the time overlooked because of the stress of not knowing what would break next, always being told it was my fault until February this year when they drilled the floor and found it had been coming up all along the carpets were completely green underneath and finally I was told it wasn’t my fault and that they had to move me. Soon after I found I was pregnant which didn’t end well I still struggle with that now probably because I was due to give birth on the 8th of this month. It all went a bit squiggly there was a 22-week wait for the home choice to be updated which by the time they did it had to change again because of the loss. So when we did get the phonecall however last-minute it felt like a relief I didn’t want to be in the flat anymore mainly the mould but I also struggled to be in the bathroom due to the loss as that’s where I locked myself so the children didn’t see or Liam, ive been told I have some PTSD from it but I don’t know I think all women who go through this probably feel similar to me and I will forever be sorry to anyone who has been through it too.

Moving has opened my eyes to a lot of things one I love the sound of birds in the morning, well before the feral children strike haha. We have so much to look forward to being able to have our own cabbage patch next year our own space freedom to go out in the car when we please and no more being blocked in by people who don’t think of others or having to park 2 blocks away. All silly things people probably take for granted but we don’t. Ive also noticed my anxiety levels are improving still a stress head but that’s just me. Im also excited to be able to write more about our life and document the home improvements (see post) we’ve almost completed one room which I’m really please about. Ive also used up all the vouchers I won a few weeks before the move a whopping £1000 of love2shop from prezzo and £100 for b&q. I did have to buy a new cooker and washing machine from the love2shop they were a real lifesaver because of course things would break the most stressful week of you your life. We had no cooker for two weeks and a week without a washing machine it’s taken us a week to catch up haha. I’ll also be comping again and sharing my monthly win posts how I started this blog sharing what I love and enjoy my hobbies.

Daily life is much brighter since we’ve moved Our new school routine is somehow better despite living further from the school.The extra toilet and storage space means more place for me to hide from the kids hahaha. There have been some annoyances Also why visit so hard to change energy company and why does everything involve automated lines and being passed from pillar to post by energy compies. Why do the royal mail charge so much for mail redirect when you still don’t get your post all questions I’m yet to answer can anyone enlighten me. I won’t grumble too much tho as we truly are so lucky and when the bumps are flattened out I know we will be so happy here a forever home.. a happy ever after if you will.

Thanks for reading Jade x

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