Curry Compendium book tour review!

Hi all hope you are well , firstly id like to appologise for my recent abcence and lack of posting been a weird old month nothing new there but all will be revealed soon. Ive had the pleasure of being included on yet another fabulous book tour. As many of you i love a good curry from the local indian but ive noticed that the bill is so high it could feed us for atleast a week , i wouldnt say im cheap but i do like to save money where i can. After the past two years weve had to tighten the belt and cut down on ordering in boooo!!! so when i was offered to be a part of the curry compendium book tour i was thrilled. Not only filled with yummy recipes but all the knowlage you need to cook a good traditional curry and not break the bank.

Ive found all the tips and tricks in the front of the book absolulty vital for my cooking style im somewhat limited to my skill but sometime a jar just doesnt cut it really isnt the same as a fresh curry. I also loved how easy it was to build up the ingrediants i needed to be able tocreate the perfect curry once a week for our friday night fakeaway and i dont have to worry about if its going to be hit and miss like sometimes when we order ive had hair in my food , raw chicken and sometime its just gross.

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Upon finishing curry compendrum i feel i have a much better skill and knowlage. Ive tried so many knew things and i even batch cooked a large curry so i didnt have to cook for a few days sometimes us mums need a day off. I honestly cannot reccommend enough weather you love a mild ckorma or a madras this curry cookbook is vital for any cookbook collection you wont be dissapointed. Thanks for reading Jade 🙂


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