back to school

Hi all hope you are well were currently 4 days into our back to school routine and im loving it. not only are the children excited to be back despite a few tears and tantrums all has been ok. Theyve eaten there breakfast ,all be it slower than a snail definaly our first win of the term and we even managed to get everyone in on time too. reflecting on the first week back i think the best thing for us was consistancy the time we get up and the way the mornings run work really well for us. ive finally managed to get all that washing put away which is alot easier when you havent got the kids running around and knocking the piles over or worse getting there stick hands and having to start again mentioning no names…….mr harrison. I feel like weve got more done in this past 4 days than we have in a long time i think the motivation and go is finally coming back , when everyday is the same and so uncertain it wasnt easy to have a get up and go mentality , ill be honest if it wasnt for the kids id of probably spent this last year in bed ignoring the world until it was normal again. Looking back on this past year is almost like being in one of those weird disaster films i used to like watching as youd never expect any of it could happen , I know living in a pandemic for our family is tough and it still is really hard to see the end of it ever coming ….. just like one of the really bad films you cant turn off.

Sometimes its nice to just sit back and think about all the great things we did as a family the new love of family game night tho daddy really doesnt like to lose and the funny grunts emily and harrison do when there winning and this strange person calls mummy gets rather pissy when she loses. The craft times , extended pyjama weeks i wont lie we spent more time in them than dressed but they were clean it all right.

Id love to say we sat back and enjoyed every minute but that would be a lie there have been times ive wanted to run a million miles away , hid in the bedroom and pretended to feel ill so i could have a peaceful nap after weeks of constant fight from the children , and arguements with emily about homeschooling. Which was to be honest one of my top priorities as well as their metal wellbeing. As for the children as its nice for them to have something to focus on i started doing a little schedule of stuff we were doing each day i felt it made them a lot more settled they love routine .Ill be honest towards the end i did have a i cant be bothered attitude and the fight in me started to run out and although i know that the pandemic isnt over i feel it will get better and one day will be over. Weve all just gotta stick to it and hopefully one day soon we can have the old normal but everyone will be kinder and wont send there kids to school ill. Thanks for reading my reflective rambles havea wonderful day Jade x

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