Swizzels letterbox review and giveaway #AD

Hi all, how are you? I don’t know about you but 2021 seems so be the longest year ever, oh what id give for our everyone’s circumstances to return to normal. I miss my family, I miss normality and most of all I miss the sparkle from the children’s eyes. In the words of the wise ariel “, I wanna be where the people are”. Quite honestly I know we’re probably all feeling the effects of 2021, were battling our battles and doing our best and I think we are smashing it. Things may not change for a while but that does not mean we can’t all stick together and support each other.

That being said let’s get to the fun stuff I was kindly gifted a wonderful letterbox treat hamper from Swizzels, upon opening, I saw a variety of tasty treat, in a personalised box. I couldn’t help but think wow !! What a thoughtful gesture this would be, to send to someone we care about. Letting them know even though we are apart were thinking of them in such a SWEET way.

The Swizzels website is so easy to navigate too and customisation process is almost as easy as checking out. I also loved the nostalgic feeling I got when I ate the Parma violets they remind of my nan. I know she would of love such a lovely surprise in the post I imagine she would say something along the lines ” well that’s better than a bill isn’t it jade”.

The hamper are so customisable and versatile they are fabulous for any occasion birthday, Christmas and valentines day nothing says I love you like some lovely love hearts, we love them. As you can imagine the kids were very excited when it arrived and this mum made them wait, while she took photos was probably the quietest they been all year. I’m no way saying you could give them some encouragement (bribe) to do there school work and chores but if your looking for some help could be the way to go. Jokes aside. I can defiantly see myself sending such a thoughtful treat to my loved ones in time for there birthdays this year. They’re all creeping up on me and with so much uncertainty I want to be sure they receive a gift they will love personalised for them

Now who would like to win such a SWEET prize? Simply comment below your favourite childhood sweet to win your very own swizzels letterbox treats. winner will be selected 28/2/2021 I will reply to comment below and contact you asap. GOOD LUCK! (keep an eye on instagram for another chance to win @mummyandmex2 )

Swizzel’s has a great affordable selection available on their website https://www.swizzels.com/shop/. You or your loved one won’t be disappointed. I know I wouldn’t be. Thanks for reading have a great day Jade x


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