Tips For Creating A Timeless Decor In Your Kid’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom is likely something that you’ll need to re-decorate every so often. However, that can often become expensive over time, and so it’s worth trying to create a space that is able to see your child through most of their childhood without needing much doing to it. Here are some tips for creating a timeless decor in your kid’s bedroom.

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Stick With The Right Colour Scheme

Firstly, think about the colour scheme. When your children are young, they’re not likely to pay much attention to the room’s colours unless they’re fascinated with certain colours when it comes to toys. Try not to give in to painting your child’s room a bright neon pink or green and instead, with the more permanent features, focus on neutral colours. The brighter colours are something that you can incorporate through the soft furnishings within the room.

If they’re old enough, then you can always ask what type of theme they’re looking for when it comes to the room. At the end of the day, it’s a space that you want them to get plenty of enjoyment and fulfilment out of, so ask them if they have suggestions. The more neutral you can keep it though, the likelier it will be that you don’t need to do much in the way of painting or wallpapering walls.

Pick The Right Furniture

The right furniture is an important element to the room because it needs to function for the space but also do what it needs to for your child. There’s also a lot of kids’ bedroom furniture to choose from, so if you’re getting their input, it may be best to give them a limited choice of two or three. That way, you don’t need to do too much in the way of online or in-person shopping. Find the right furniture that suits their personality but also provides what you need for the space itself.

Keep It Minimal

When it comes to timeless decor, try to keep the kid’s bedroom minimal where you can because that will help simplify the look of the space. The less clutter you have, the better the room will look and feel too. Try to arrange the room so it fits the space and if something feels out of place, try finding a new area where it works better. The more minimalistic, the better so that they can have more space to have fun but also play with their toys too. Personally, I like to add a few little personal touches that are relevant to my children’s interests and likes. My daughter really likes neon-bright colours but I felt they would be quickly outgrown. I’m considering a special treat and pop of colour with a Neon Mama sign – I really love their designs and they won’t be easily outgrown.

Find Storage For Toys

Storage for toys is important because they’ll certainly have a lot of them. Try to find ways of incorporating storage where you can and that also includes hidden storage. The more that you can hide, the less messy the room will look overall. Storage is going to be a big help in creating an attractive room.

Creating timeless decor can be challenging as it’s easy to want to switch to something that will be short-lived. Use these tips to help with that!

Thanks for reading hope your safe and well

Jade x


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