My personal growth as an blogger over the last two years

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well, a bit of a different one from me today. I thought id share with you why and how I became a blogger. My success , my fails and my thought on building and maintaining growth in the parenting/family blogger niche.

How mummy and me started.

It all started as a hobby really and a bit of fun i needed a creative outlet to focus all my crazy . I was struggling with anxiety staying in a-lot on my own , I suppose in a way it was a way to connect with people. Share my experiences and document our journey as family. I’ve been able to record not only our personal growth but the litral growth of my children. Which I will be able to look back on in years to come, all the adventures we shared weather physically or in the many many story books we’ve reviewed along the way it’s wonderful. I think I’ve done alright this far tho it hasn’t always been plain sailing. I’m not the best blogger in the world but I’m defiantly very passionate.

I don’t think I do too bad. I do believe at the beggining I made one huge mistake I should of gone self hosted from the start. I think my blog would defiantly have grown and improved alot quicker. I don’t regret the mistake as such it’s all a learning curve. I did find before being self hosted there was less pressure. On the other hand I never knew you could potentially grow your blog into a job. I never knew I had such a love of writing and I’d love to become a freelance writer which I suppose is kind of what I do now. Upon reading my blog it become pretty clear what I’m passionate about and why i do what I do. My advice to anyone starting out is:

  • Go self hosted. ( very important if youd like to grpw your blog to its full potentail)
  • Find your niche or be like me and have many lifesyle/family/ money.
  • Post consistatantly and your readers will always come back.
  • Be you possibly the most important tip i could give you,
  • Last of all dont be embarressed to share your blog its yout very own work of art.

Im by means no expert but ive done alot of reasearch over the past almost two years it was only this pass week ive noticed more growth. I think due to the diffferent kind of posts ive been doing ive had more time on my hands. Ive also found over the past few months my intrests and priorties have changed quite alot which is most definatly going to change my blog a little but it will bring in new audience and with any luck some exciting oppertunties. I will however always maintain my niche as a parenting and lifestyle blogger because it what brings me the most joy. I know there are alot of parenting/family bloggers in the industy but in respects to my blogs personal growth. I dont feel its an issue every blogger or reader is looking for someone they personally resignate with theres room on the internet for all of us. we all have a unique story , different challanges we face and most importantly we all have differnt skills and intrest. I think the number one thing i can do right now is work hard and find oppertunties that will continue to help mummy and me grow and set myself a better routine with my writting. The more time and effort you can put in the morw you will achive but i feel thats the same with anything in life.

If you liked reading blog post like this one that are probably better written and more to the point. Please have a read of some of the other blogger stories (Here) and (Here)

In the next two years i hope to still be blogging hopefully in a more professional manner but if that doesnt work out ill still have fun with it. Thanks for reading my waffles.

Jade xx


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