Glossybox September 2019 #Notsponsored

Hi all here are all the lovely things in this months glossybox perfect for a pamper. There were also 7 items this month including some yummy Godiva chocolate.

As you may have noticed the Godiva chocolate bar is not pictured as hubby couldn’t keep his hands off he said was delicious tho cheeky haha.

a full-size love hearts hand wash not my cup of tea but my daughter loves it she keeps it in her school bag.

A Colgate max white charcoal toothpaste different but handy as I was nearly out. I like it made my teeth feel extra clean.

Palmers deep conditioning protein pack. This is not something I usually buy but I’m glad I had it in I needed it after using a cheap shampoo which made my hair feel like straw. It restore it to a more voluminous version of my normal hair.

Mayy banana powder this I haven’t used yet I’m a bit weary as I’m really pale and someone told me it’ll make me look washed out, it’s a good size tho will probably last a while if I can use if I cant ill pass it on to a friend.

Really lovely size perfume it’s a very unique lovely smell makes me think of autumn , I quite like it and the scent is detectable all day I have been asked about it 2 times I’ve only worn 3 times including the day I got it.

The last and my favourite item this month I absolutely love the black tea body scrub not only does it smell Devine it left my skin feeling silky smooth and fresh. Felt very luxurious and special I would definitely purchase again as a treat for myself.



This month was a mixed bag of items but I definitely enjoyed them can’t wait till next months box. What is your favourite item this month? Comment below if you’re interested in subscribing please use my link (HERE) if you want to and use code FIRST30 for money off  🙂 happy September x




Disclaimer I subscribe using my own money and review using my own opinions not sponsored at all.


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