Hungry caterpillar garden review (not sponsored)

Hi, all fun review today not sponsored but Emily received the hungry caterpillar butterfly garden as a birthday present we loved it so much we wanted to share with everyone.  Emily has always loved the story of the hungry caterpillar and even did a school play on it. It was such a thoughtful gift I would have never thought of getting but I’m so glad her lovely aunty got it for her so fun and a perfect gift for a curious-minded nature-loving child and there a 90% chance no1 else has bought the same gift.

upon opening the box you have everything you need for your butterfly adventure and a code so you can go online and order your caterpillars. The caterpillars will be delivered for a small delivery charge on a day of your choice . When they arrive they are very tiny they don’t move very much I will admit I thought they were dead but they were just sleeping and probably a bit frightening being in a dark box for a few days. Inside the clear conatiner, they arrive in is a lot of yummy food for them to help them grow. Our five caterpillar were certainly very hungry within 2 days they had double if not tripled in size very accurate to the book Emily was amazed and Harrison kept trying to climb and get them the little monkey.


After around a week they shed bits and went into their catalyst. All we had to do now was wait a while then transfer them into the butterfly garden.


Now we get to the fun bit Emily can running in shes been checking her catalyst every morning and every night and this morning 12 august 19 her butterflies were born I don’t think, I have ever seen her so giddy shaking with excitement each time they broke free of there cocoon. Even her brother Harrison was yelling wow in amazement myself and Liam enjoyed it too was lovely to see the children off the technology and interested in such beautiful little insects.

We are going to set them free in a couple of days near the local farm lots of wildflowers there and yummy blackberries for them to eat. I am 100% sure Emily will cry and miss the I’ve caught her a few times today talking to them as an adult would a newborn baby. I’ll update with a photo when we’ve freed them I’m told they may land on you which would be amazing. So if you’re stuck for gift ideas for a child id highly recommend the butterfly garden not only is it fun, it’s educational and reusable you can reorder more caterpillars which is great and they come with all you need to be able to reuse the garden.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our review and photos we’ve got a few more fun toy reviews coming soon. Thanks for reading xx

Here’s harrison pretending to be a butterfly he loved them too great for all ages xx


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