Trying to go plastic-free

Recently I’ve become a lot more aware of the amount of non-reusable plastics that are used and discarded each day.  In the media, I have seen a few things and I’ve seen some companies have started taking measure mainly shops from what I’ve been reading. Its all a step in the right direction but is it really enough?.

(rant warning)

As you have probably seen of late McDonald changed there straws to paper ones. I have tried them and they do work its just a slightly different feel to plastic and yet people have made such a fuss over it…. ridiculous can they not see the bigger picture it’s not like we need this planet to survive or anything. I don’t know if its because they are oblivious to what goes on in the world or sheer stupidity and lack of giving a s**t all so they can drink their milkshake effortlessly. If you really can’t hack it buy yourself a nice reusable one then everyone wins.

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This week I had a food shopping delivery which I chose to go bagless just a little step in the right direction. I started putting it away all the fruit, veg is in bags, pasta, rice and many more items that were in single-use plastic so even tho I was trying to good I still feel like my efforts were slightly wasted. Countless organisations are campaigning for plastic/waste free-living but without manufacturers being more conscious can we be?

How much of our day to day rubbish is food packaging, parcel boxes or bags? Do new clothes really need to be bagged, into another bag to post? Do we really need parcels delivered boxes in boxes? Do I really need all my fresh produce wrapped or bagged?  I should point out I do not live in an area what has easily accessible recycling so if I’m filling up at least one bag a day I have no choice to put it in the bin which I would rather not but no choice and that’s only my contribution to the communal bins.

I am trying other things I know I’m just one person but if we all as a society just changed one wasteful habit it would make such a big difference it’s our world and only we can make a big difference here are some ideas 😀

  1. Reusable cotton pads for removing makeup (I’m going to make some with free fabric samples see future post)
  2. Ditch the cotton buds and use an ear syringe easy to clean and less likely to damage ear (purchase one here- ear syringe  )
  3. Use a filter jug and reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water ( i like water bottles with a built-in filter on sale for 4 pounds here)
  4. Use a reusable sandwich box instead of bags easy to clean and you can get one with a nice design.
  5. Switch to bars of soap instead of a shower gel lasts longer and there’s less waste.

These are only a few changes we can make, I am sure there are many more I will learn about and try to introduce into our home (and to you if these are posts you like the comment below).  I know they would make definitely make a difference in the long run if everybody would take a similar approach. As a society, we have become very wasteful but whos to blame us or the companies? We have one world and we should protect it.

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