New year new me and all that jazz :D

2018 is gone today is the 1st of January 2019 (no sh*t Sherlock haha).  This year I’m going to beat this anxiety and start a fresh new planner at the ready :D. I’ve made myself a small list of goals and a prize wish list, of course, might be a new year but a comper never changes its spots.

2019 will be our year and we will be more positive, positive thinking is key no more I can’t, no more putting things off because of the burning anxiety inside making me feel like a complete failure and can’t do anything but sit worrying about my anxiety. I will be proactive and I will say yes to trying new things out of my comfort zone in the hope I can be more JADE. I will have the best year and I will blog about the daily struggles of raising 2 children under five while having an inner war with myself and hopefully overcoming my anxieties and experiencing life with my partner and children. Now to win the lottery to fun these adventures i hope 2019 bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve x

just a quick post today happy new year xo


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