October wins 2020

Hi everyone , hope your well. Its been a funny old month.Ive been struggling with motivation and fitting everything in. I was lucky enough to have 6 wins this month which will definantly come in handy for christmas. Who else is ready for advents? I try to unfollow and unsubscribe to atleast 10 spam emails a day sort of like comping admin and stops me hitting my limit so often. Im also taking part in the lockdown challenge this november which i saw on lucky learners if your a member of the fb group take a look. Im finding it great for motivating me and its only day 2 i think i may do similar every month from now on.

The wins

  • a bundle from Kids crazy bath foam from instagram.
  • Haircare bundle from layerd online web comp.
  • £50 paypal from britmums twitter party.
  • This works sleep spray instagram picture with hastag and a online form.
  • £50 buy a gift voucher from coop on facebook.
  • some coffee machine coffee from coffee unity on instagram.

All in all was a good month for us some really fun wins. we hope youve been very lucky too and you have a great november. what was your favourite prize this month. Thanks for reading jade x

September wins 2020

Hi all hope your are well another small post from me just wanted to share my september wins. It has been a strange old month i just cant get focused. I managed to get a insta ban from unfollowing if there was an award for the amount of times ive hit my limit id win haha. how have your months been lucky i hope. so many great comps about atm were almost ready for the spooky halloween ones and itll be advent time before we know it. I think ill be unfollowing and unsubscribing alot this month to prepare for the madness thats coming haha.


Tea + wool from tick tok tea on instagram.

A favourites magazine for harrison ill try to add his unboxing at the end. won on facebook.

a weetabix cookbook also instagram.

a beauty bundle another instagram win.

A fabulous superthing bundle from ukmumstv which had 100 blind bags for emily to had out to her friends and a superthing powerband thing she loves it makes so much noise. this was one of emilys colouring creation wins. We handed these out at the school with a colouring sheet each so many happy little face

A lovely collection of roald dahl books as model by harrison hahaa. A rare but amazing twitter win. we will have so much fun sharing the storys together.

so eco mystery bundle on facebook.

hydro cream syrum on instagram. Tried to do an unboxing see my instagram for a fail haha.

All in all weve had another great month feel very lucky and almsot felt like birthday treats for my last two wins of the month. What has been your favourite prize this month? I have you have a spooktaculiar october and your really lucky. Thanks for reading Jade x