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Hi all i hope your well as you know i love to product testing.I have had some amazing products I’ve been able to review its a fun little hobby which is free mainly depending on the site you use a few ask for deposits for the higher value item.All these companies ask for in return is a review and or a social media post not bad eh? below are sites I use 😀 will add more as I use and get used to sites. click headers to access sites and sign up if you want too.

Home tester club

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Home tester club is brilliant if you want to try out new household products quite a mixed batch of items I’ve had things like perfume full size , toys , an actifry  , toothpaste and face wash very  useful items brilliant way to try before you buy you usually get an email as soon as new items are tester ready too so you don’t miss out.  Perhaps checking once a week just in case x

First beauty 

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I think this one is my fave first beauty is absolutely brilliant not only do you get to test beauty related products but you earn points too and when you have so many you can exchange for gift vouchers which mind blows my mind double win.  I have had 4 tests since joining last year and be able to swap for the point for gift cards. I think I’ve been able to exchange the points every 2 tested items which are brilliant maybe another one you can save up kinda like boots point. You will receive an email when new items are available.

 Savvy circle

Quite good you can also review to win lots of products. it can be diifficult to get the biggys but weve done alright usually toothepaste and washing items im able to get

Other testing sites I use

  1.  The insiders’ mix of items sometimes there’s a deposit involved
  2.  Top pasta books –  review books and enter giveaways that you review for more books.
  3.  vox box– very popular in America works best on the App ive recently been invited to a bondi sands test x
  4.  Philips product tester – good but it can be hard to find a test as you have to login and check daily.

Other info 

Disclaimer  — There are many testing sites out there watch out for spammy ones as they are about and don’t ever put your bank details in, also if something looks too good to be true please don’t sign up just in case.

Thank you for reading hope you get some tests please remember you won’t always get something but is fun when you do. nothing to lose when its free ❤

For more sites please read Here.

Jade x

My November wins and a fun product test 2019 x

Hi all can we believe it’s the start of advents tomorrow where he’s the year gone? I’m so excited I love the build-up and the excitement of it all today I’ve been unfollowing and unsubscribing like a crazy woman and I’ve managed to clear comps DB and compers news mag don’t think I could be any more ready hehe. I’ve had an alright month with wins but I’ve been a bit distracted with Harrison’s birthday amongst other stuff. I decided to add some of my amazing freebies and product tests to hope you enjoy :).

My first win was a bucket of chocolate surprise eggs on Twitter. I think Harrison’s photo swung it for us.

My second win was from a free spin on buzz bingo 25 cash.

My third win was a ten-pound amazon Voucher from coop talking shop survey site.

My fourth win was a kinder animal run will add photo when arrives. Keep an eye on the kinder site as theyve often got comps.

My fifth win was a 10 pounds sky store voucher so I brought the kids home on DVD they watch it soo good perfect for comping time haha.

My sixth win was a 25-pound amazon voucher from a survey I filled out in lucky learners. Thank you again to Kate for running and sharing the comp I bought Harrison birthday decorations so handy x

Our seventh prize was a web entry on titan books the Addams family merchandise bundle kids loved it so much I didn’t manage to snap a proper picture Harrison loved the spider backpack and Emily the notebook and pen 🙂 x

My eighth prize was another 25 pound cash from sky bingo on twitter handy.

Lastly I’ve won 1 month of dare shakes and shaker on Instagram. These are meant to brilliant and make you feel more energised which I certainly need atm. May do a full review in Jan.

Finally not a prize but one of the best product tests we’ve had a baby alive doll which my daughter absolutely loves and Harrison likes to feed her too so much so thank you to home-tester club see my product testing posts (here) and (here) if your interested in signing up I used all the sites listed and promise there not dodgy also see (here) for another panel I love.

Thanks for reading hope everyone gets really lucky on advents and please comment below your favourite wins of the month. I hope you all have a really lucky December and a lovely Christmas from my family to yours xx