My November wins and a fun product test 2019 x

Hi all can we believe it’s the start of advents tomorrow where he’s the year gone? I’m so excited I love the build-up and the excitement of it all today I’ve been unfollowing and unsubscribing like a crazy woman and I’ve managed to clear comps DB and compers news mag don’t think I could be any more ready hehe. I’ve had an alright month with wins but I’ve been a bit distracted with Harrison’s birthday amongst other stuff. I decided to add some of my amazing freebies and product tests to hope you enjoy :).

My first win was a bucket of chocolate surprise eggs on Twitter. I think Harrison’s photo swung it for us.

My second win was from a free spin on buzz bingo 25 cash.

My third win was a ten-pound amazon Voucher from coop talking shop survey site.

My fourth win was a kinder animal run will add photo when arrives. Keep an eye on the kinder site as theyve often got comps.

My fifth win was a 10 pounds sky store voucher so I brought the kids home on DVD they watch it soo good perfect for comping time haha.

My sixth win was a 25-pound amazon voucher from a survey I filled out in lucky learners. Thank you again to Kate for running and sharing the comp I bought Harrison birthday decorations so handy x

Our seventh prize was a web entry on titan books the Addams family merchandise bundle kids loved it so much I didn’t manage to snap a proper picture Harrison loved the spider backpack and Emily the notebook and pen 🙂 x

My eighth prize was another 25 pound cash from sky bingo on twitter handy.

Lastly I’ve won 1 month of dare shakes and shaker on Instagram. These are meant to brilliant and make you feel more energised which I certainly need atm. May do a full review in Jan.

Finally not a prize but one of the best product tests we’ve had a baby alive doll which my daughter absolutely loves and Harrison likes to feed her too so much so thank you to home-tester club see my product testing posts (here) and (here) if your interested in signing up I used all the sites listed and promise there not dodgy also see (here) for another panel I love.

Thanks for reading hope everyone gets really lucky on advents and please comment below your favourite wins of the month. I hope you all have a really lucky December and a lovely Christmas from my family to yours xx

My Chick Advisor box review #gotitfree

Hey all happy November, hope you had a lovely Halloween. I recently signed up to a testing panel called chick and received a whole box of goodies to review based on my beauty profile completely free. I received 4 items a Biore witch hazel face wash and pore strips, John Frieda purple shampoo and some rather cool eye masks. Below I’ve written a review of each item and at the very end, I’ve added a link so you can sign up too. You don’t need hundreds of subscribers to get similar goodies.




These pore strips (excuse the photo little hand people have been running riot lmao).  worked very well I was shocked how much was on the strip after peeling off. I was grossly fascinated and I don’t care if I’m weird lol.




wow smells lovely left my hair looking great and eliminated so much brass from the first wash, I bleached my roots they were slightly yellow helped tone it down so much I will use every time I wash to keep the brass at bay.






wow, these are great I’ve never heard of them before or tried I was pleasantly surprised and now know I need them so easy to use with such a lovely smell and no weird residues highly recommended 😀 so relaxing.




I’m am so happy with this cleanser not only is it in a handy pump bottle but works so well over the last couple of weeks testing daily my spots have reduced massively and I’m feeling fresh so happy to finally have found something that helps with not only the spots but the redness too.


All in all was a great box and I’ve had a lot of fun testing out these new products as well as a new product testing platform which I’m sure will be lots of fun you can sign up (Here) all you have to do is leave 5 reviews to join there testing panel and fill in the survey and wait for you email which will tell you when its dispatched. Don’t forget to leave your feedback after testing for the opportunity to get more freebies to try in the future thanks for reading and excuse the shocking photos good luck and hope you get a test soon 😀 .


( Disclosure I was gifted these items for the purpose of review from chick advisor all opinions are my own)

Product tests part 2

Hi all thought you all might like the second instalment of product testing sites I’ve found 4 more that are not scams … wahoo. IF you’d like to read my first one click (here). I must admit over the past 3 months I’ve been so lucky with product tests and hope you will be to so nice I’ve found some new favourites recently too which is a bonus.

  1. Try it sampling My current favourite product testing site so lovely just make sure you’re checking your emails quick or they go super fast you also need to join the waitlist (here) to sign up fully keep an eye on your inbox there are facebook groups you can join too. I’ve had toys, a mouse for my computer , some lush toiletries and the most gorgeous watch.img_3057.jpg
  2. Glamour beauty club sends samples to you that match your beauty profile really easy not alway a load on there but they do send you item that will work for you sign up (here). I’ve had eyeliners, perfumes and skincare sample some full size.img_2601
  3. The Hearst panel another one I love atm not only do they email you offered to product test but you can do surveys and answer polls to win amazon vouchers I’ve won twice this year. Sign up (here) This year I’ve also had 2 tests a Phillips steam iron and some protein powder which was amazing.img_2700
  4. Mumsnet a great one for a parent or caters sign up (here) There have been lots of lovely tests make sure to check regularly. This year alone I’ve had some toiletries and 2 learning programmes for my daughter which have made her so much more confident with her reading and writing, Harrison had a lovely toomies bath toy too.img_2768-e1567258854781.jpg

Product testing advice I’d recommend leaving all review and answering feedback they ask for I really think it helps your chances of getting more things you can test.

Short and sweet post for you I will be adding possible a third product testing post in the future.My next post will be all about apps for freebies thanks for reading what other posts would you like to see I’d love to know please comment below xx




August freebie and product tests.

HI all me again had been a great month for freebies and products test for me a lot from facebook ads keep an eye out when scrolling you might get lucky.  Two surprises and some very handy items as well. how has your month gone ?



A tasty bear snack also from facebook adds im pleased to report they are super yummy and there are 2 in each pack so if you have 2 children they can share without squabbling.


andrex washlets from there facebook ad and a coupon aswell currently on offer in the coop to think ended up being 25p for a pack 😀

Elizibeth arden cream from glamour beauty club I really like it and it’s a good size sample.



Yummy sun bites another surprise as I didn’t get email till the day after they arrived I was happy I was craving crisps this day and they just show up 😮 they were from mumsnet. Thank you.


Free sample from amazon free apart from a delivery which was fine as I was ordering stuff from pantry anyway and if you pick 4 eligible items you get a free delivery check (here) for amazon samples.


Full honesty no idea where i applied for this but oh my was so yummy and quick to make when im half asleep don’t even have to think tastes like coffee shop coffee too.


Harrisons first mumsnet toy product test he loves it and Emily too lots of fun for them both and made bathtime with Harrison a lot more pleasant not as much scream wahoo.


A new facewash from try it sampling just what I need I’ve turned into a dot to dot recently.


some lovely foundation also from a fb add.


some yummy ice cream from tryit sampling.



Some frizz ease from a facebook ad.



Finally, I received this in the middle of august had no idea where from until 2 days later Hurst panel emailed me so grateful Emily school shirts are looking amazing and no more wrinkly tops from me either full review coming soon.



Another great month I’m so pleased and have a fair few coupons to use what’s been you fave freebie this monthor have you been selected for some product testing id love to know please comment below and check out my product testing post here if youd like to start. Thanks for reading x