Simple way to save money online :D !

Hiya savvy savers, hope you’re doing well I don’t know about you but the January blues have defiantly set in. We’re pretty much skint after Christmas. What I like to do is like to start saving for next Christmas can never be too prepared if you ask me. Over the last couple of years, I’ve found many many online sites which claim to save you money and believe me I’ve tried them all. I’d say over the past year I’ve found some great ones and there only getting better.


Honey absolutely amazing and probably my favourite atm. You simply add the plugin to your browser and every-time you shop online if a coupon or money off code is available. The plugin icon turns orange when there’s coupons available at checkout. Click here to try it you won’t be disappointed. My best saving was 15 pound on Sainsbury’s wahooo. It’s completely free and safe good luck and happy saving! If you’d be interested in full review or tutorial comment below.


Another favourite can never have too many. You simply sign up which is free and shop via there website and you have the chance to win back your money. It’s as easy as that 1 in 25 orders is a winner. It can take a while to get a win but when you do you’ll also have a bonus that builds up every time you don’t win. For example, I just won back 24 pounds but had 6.50 bonus so 30 pounds free money as I would have spent it anyway 🙂 click here and give it ago got nothing to lose.


Can take a while to build up but if you’re already going to use the internet to buy things no harm in checking they also have an app called click snap what you can use to get cash-back off things like food and drink. Download the app and it will build up quicker depending on your spending habits. I wouldn’t recommend buying things you don’t want or need just because you have a discount of some sort. I always order our dominos though this doesn’t seem as naughty, there will be no naughty takeaways this year. If you’d like a headstart to use my link and we will both get £10 click here.

All sites I’ve listed are free and completely legitimate I’ve used them and cashed out of them all safely. I have added my referral links to this post but feel free to google and find yourself :).I will be adding more frugal tips during the next few weeks from apps to simple savings. My blog has recently become a lot about reviews but that’s not why I wanted to start a blog I’d like to help other family’s who struggle like we do. Thank you for reading hope these sites can help you like they’ve helped me

Jade xx

(disclaimer this post contains referral links)

A beginners guide to product testing!

hiya me again with a beginners guide to product testing.

I’ve really liked testing and trying new products, not only is it fun but it can help you save money and find new favourites.  sometimes it’s easy to find the product test and other times there aren’t any around its not as easy as when I started just a few years ago but it doesn’t hurt to apply you never known that you might get and after all, it is free.

Starting out

1, Create a new email just for your product tests unless like me your also a comper, survey filler outer and all-out freebie hunter you’ll already have on hehe.

2. Find trusted sites and please don’t ever fill in your bank details or

Trusted Sites 

I have personally used all these sites and have tested with them some are quite popular so can take a while to get a test but when you do its lovely. There are many more but these have no waiting list.

  • Home tester club –  They have a lot of variety and regularly update the site with tests there also a weekly survey draw.   most recently they’ve had a lot of pans, toys and playdoh.

  • First beauty – Simply fill in your profile and wait they will send you relevant tests right to your inbox. upon completing the feedback you collect points which can be exchanged for more freebies.

  • The insider another one with a vast array of items from baby cream to tech. Some items you do have to pay a deposit and send back but some are free. I’ve been lucky enough to receive the level cooking companion a while ago and a lot of nappy rash cream which was handy with the children.

There is a lot out there and enough for almost everyone you may not get them all but when you do get selected its great fun and you can try new products without wasting money.

Please be cautious when finding new freebie sites, I know I mention this further up but it is possibly the most important part of product testing so many scam sites around when I started I signed up to them all not knowing any better but now I do and I hate for anyone to fall victim for any fake site.

For more trusted product testing site click here or here. I’ve tried a fair few and have done really well over the years good luck. Have you ever tested a product what’s the best item you’ve received id love to know comment below and subscribe for a weekly dose of mum tips and tricks?

Thanks for reading!

Jade x